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Introduction to Statistics Using Google Sheets™ Edition 6.1

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Spring 2023 sn1 calendar and syllabus Canvas
Fall 2022 sm3 calendar and syllabus Canvas: Stair steps
Summer 2022 sm2 calendar and syllabus Canvas: Lelu
Spring 2022 sm1 calendar and syllabus Canvas: PM 2.5
Fall 2021 sl3 calendar and syllabus Canvas: Hula hoops
Summer 2021 sl2 calendar and syllabus Canvas: Page views
Spring 2021 sl1 calendar and syllabus Canvas: Disengagement
Fall 2020 sk3 calendar and syllabus Schoology: Cash power
Summer 2020 sk2 calendar and syllabus Schoology: UA redux
Spring 2020 sk1 calendar and syllabus Classes ended March 16: pandemic
Fall 2019 sj3 calendar and syllabus Schoology: UA HOVR Guardian
Spring 2019 sj1 calendar and syllabus Schoology: iNaturalist
Fall 2018 si3 calendar and syllabus Schoology: Insight Timer data
Spring 2018 si1 calendar and syllabus Schoology: Rainfall data
Fall 2017 sh3 calendar and syllabus Schoology: Dausokele run data
Spring 2017 sh1 calendar and syllabus Schoology: Moves app steps, cadence vs. speed
Fall 2016 sg3 calendar and syllabus Schoology: Harrassment definition survey results
Summer 2016 sg2 calendar and syllabus Schoology: Prince and Stairway to Heaven
Spring 2016 sg1 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03t04 fx purple
Fall 2015 sf3 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03t04 fx MAD
Spring 2015 sf1 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03t04 fx running mileage
Fall 2014 se3 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03t04 fx United
Spring 2014 se1 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03t04 fx bermudagrass
Fall 2013 sd1 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03t04 fx sweetie-chuuk
Spring 2013 sd1 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03fx olmchs-relay
Fall 2012 sc3 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03t04 fx solar-nitrogen [odx]
Spring 2012 sc1 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03fx topper
Fall 2011 sb3 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03fx waves
Spring 2011 sb1 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03fx mansuit
Fall 2010 sa3 calendar and syllabust01t02 mxt03fx kosrae pop

Introduction to Statistics Using Calc, Apache Calc, and Gnumeric Edition 5.3 [deprecated]
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Spring 2010
Spreadsheets Quizzes and Tests
Course Outline
A second sample statistics project

Attaching files in Yahoo!
Email addresses for life commentary

FSM Statistics Unit
FSM Census projections

Social media survey spring 2010
Favorite colors
Flickr favorite color
Baby names!Local
Baby name choices of students fall 2009

Dubious distinctions:
Number two in obesity
Number two in marijuana usage
Intentional injury reported by young people in PohnpeiFull text pdf
Kaselehlie Press coverage of intentional injury article

Social media survey spring 2010
Favorite colors

Social media data chart
Height, weight, body fat data.xls.html

RipStik Linear Regression Homework.xls.html
Marble homework due Monday 22 Feb.xls.html
Resting heart rate due Wednesday 10 March.xls.html
Worksheet 07 due 15 March 2010
Essay performance data
Data for homework due 07 April 2010
Data for homework due 09 April 2010 t3.xlst3.html
q01 08 Jan 2010
q02 15 Jan 2010: chapter one textbook material
q03 2.2 MySpace friendssoln
t1 3.4 Bebo friends
q04 4.2 Run to U and back
q05 5.1 RipStik Learning Curve
t2 mx skateboards 4.4t2a
q06 6.2 7.3a Run times and normal curvesans
ws07 7.5 GNH
q08 9.12 68% CI Bebo friends
t3 running 7.5 9.2t3a
q09 9.2 10.2 MySpace friends
q10 11.1 Momentum before versus after
q11 11.2 Physical science quiz year-on-year
q12 4.3 Baby growth data

Rice Soap Dish fx 11.2
Fall 2009
Spreadsheets Quizzes and Tests
Course Outline
Assessment report 14 Dec 2009
A second sample statistics project
Favorite colorshtml
Baby name choices of students fall 2009
The 12 most annoying types of Facebookers Survey
Male body fat homework solution .ods
Pacific obesity rate alarming 5.3 transportation survey
Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC)
Coral pH study by J. Kibby.ods
T-Test HW.ods
College's too-fat-graduate rule under fire
q01 pre
q02 1.3 levels of measure
q03 2.3 soap densityhtml
t1 3.4 Red hot wonderst1a
q04 4.4soln
q05 5.3 steps
t2 mx tension 5.3t2a
q06 6.2 friend statistics mean ageq06a
q07 7.3 gross national happiness
q08 9.2 refraction
t3 9.3 soundt3a
q09 6.2 FaceBook mean age
q10 10.2 Intergalactic Blackhole palladium
q11 11.1Data
q12r 4.4
fx Back to Basicsdatasoln
Spring 2009
Spreadsheets Quizzes and Tests
Course Outline
Favorite colorshtml
Baby name choices of students fall 2008
Tech communication survey data including SMS
Term-on-term assessment results
Google docs
Social media survey raw data
Social media blog report
SMART board day one
Confidence interval worksheet 26 March
t statistic MathMl file
Correlation of attendance and performance 19 April
q01 pre
q02 1.1 levels
q03 2.2 sms
t1 3.4 Social networks
q04 4.2 banana ramp
q05 4.4 yeast respiration
q06 5.3 p(social media)html
t2 midterm marble maniasoln
q07 6.2 Santarch
q08 7.3 [recycled s73 q06]
q09 7.5 echo speedq09a
q10 9.2 centerline reduxhtml
t3 9.2 index of refraction
q11 10.3 blue spotted grouper
q12 11.1 NBFS neg split?
q13 11.2 Xavier SDA COMET
END vs MZ4 fxhtml
Fall 2008
Spreadsheets Quizzes and Tests
Course Outline
Favorite colorshtml
Baby names!Local
Baby name choices of students fall 2008
Long term weight loss is a challenge
Body fat dataExcel formatweb page html
Long run
Low probability eventNV
Refractive index .odshtmlxls
november paired t-test.odsExcel xlshtml
november paired t-test solnhtml
Assessment report
Prequiz 15 Aug 15
q01 1.3 Aug 22
q02 2.2 Aug 29
t1 3.4 Sep 05t1a
q03 4.3 12 Sep
q04 4.4 19 Sep
t2 midtermsoln
q06 7.1
q07 7.5
t3 9.2t3a.html
q08 10.2.html
q09 11.2 2.2r
q10 3.6r
q11 4.4r
Spreadsheet for building xhtml
Far beyond pedometers fxansdata
Summer 2008
Spreadsheets Quizzes and Tests
Course Outline
Favorite colors summer 2008ods
Favorite colorsxlsods
Body fat spreadsheetodshtml
Youth pedometer data
Dorm TV confidence interval
BFI July
Long term weight loss is a challenge
test one 2.2
test two 4.3
t2 xhtml variant
test three (midterm) 5.3
t4 Normal Distribution 7.5
test five confidence interval
test six paired t-test for the means
Coastal fx (final examination)
Data sheet for final
Spring 2008
Spreadsheets Quizzes and Tests
Course Outline
Favorite colors
Random function examplesExcel format
Day name spreadsheet
Body fat dataxlshtml
Marble race: an advanced stat project
HW 11 Febxlshtml
Pennies homework 03/05html
distribution of the sample mean
Body fat paired t-test 4/21xlshtml
Activity levels among college students as measured by a pedometerPDF
Activity levels among second grade students as measured by a pedometerPDF
Activity levels versus agePDF
Prequiz 11 Jan 08 html
q01 1.3
q02 2.2 t1 3.4
q03 4.4 q04 5.1q04heat.ods
t2 mx megasteps
q06 7.1
q04 7.4
t2 9.2t2a html
q08 9.3 ci p
q09 10.2 hyp test
q10 10.3 p-value
q11 11.2 hyp test indep samples
q12 linear regression
q13 page one of whirlpool
q14 confidence interval
Steps fxdata sheet
Fall 2007
SpreadsheetsQuizzes and Tests
Course Outline
Finding the calculator and spreadsheet
Calc vs Excel differencesodt
Favorite colors.ods
Flickr favorite color
Baby names!
First names.ods
Body fat key
FSM rank in obesity
World's Fattest Countries complete list
New World Syndrome
Island Food Community of Pohnpei
Exercise, not diet, the key
Obesity Epidemic Threatens Health in Exercise-Deprived Societies

Pareto chart example.ods
HW 8:30 class: male body fat histograms
HW 9:30 class: female body fat histograms

Body fat data as a web page
body fat ods [A204 lab only]
body fat xls [library and elsewhere]
HW 0829 body fat .ods
When a histogram shape forced a change.ods
Ages of students 2007
linear regressionsxlshtml
ballbounce.odsExcel version
Making an XY scattergraph with Excel or OpenOffice
Linear regression/best fit line practiceans
q04 5.1
Fav color rel freq prob 6.1
hw 0929 ods
psychoactive substance survey
Female height normal curve
Pennies and the normal curve
21 Nov BFI homework Excel.ods.ods
Marble size independent ttest.odshtml
q01 1.2
q02 2.3
t1 fish 3.4t1a html
q03 4.4
q04 5.1
q05 6.1
t2 mx metals 7.1ans
q06 7.2 (7.4)
q07 7.3 (7.5)
q08 9.0ans
t3 refraction 9.2 [née t2]
q09 10.1ans
Worksheet 10 10.2
q11 11.1
q12 11.2 fontsans
q13 4.4 linear reg reviewq13a
Jump rope fx
data sheet
ans and analysis
Summer 2007
Spreadsheets Quizzes and Tests
Course Outline
Finding the calculator and spreadsheet
Calc vs Excel differencesodt
Favorite colors
Body fat data
BFI male data for a number of terms
Population 2007htmlopenoffice calc ods file
In class age distribution example ods only
In class ESL 079 distribution example ods only
EN 110 Distribution homeworkhtml.ods
Tennis ball bounce histogram: MSWK
Gates-McGinite correlation
Yap 1947
Goby larval stage length
Utilities data sheet
Goby larval stage length
Cigarette butt data
Normal distribution worksheet
Market ci
Hypothesis test worksheet
CI worksheet
Superballs worksheet
BFI differences term start to end
t1 2.3
t2 3.1t2a.xlst2a.html
Midterm 4.4 html
t3 normal dist
t4.odt tinv ci
t5 ttest indep samplespdf
 t5a 11.2 [OOo Calc text]
Homeless fx
Spring 2007
Spreadsheets Quizzes and Tests
Course Outline
Body fat dataxls
Female height data work
Homework 2.4 p84
Golf ball drop ods
HW 9.2 2a 10ods
FSM 2000 soln htmlodsxls
2005 Housing Income and Expenditure Survey
FSM 2005 Housing Survey (local copy)
Pennies data
Mean of means
World Health Org FSM Obesity data
CI HW using t-distribution.xlshtml
Fair die?
q02data xls
t1 2.4t1a
q03 lin regq03a ods Excel: xls
q04 power bills
q05 confidence interval using NORMINV
t2 cianspdf
q08.ods t-test independent samples
q09 Linear regression review quiz
q10 review histograms, ciq10a.html
Fall 2006
SpreadsheetsQuizzes and Tests
Assignments overview
Baby names rank order popularity
body fat.odsxlshtml
L1 data from JGhtml
Vilfredo Pareto
Creating histograms with Excelodt
Creating histograms with Calcodt
HW 3.1 odshtmlxls
HW 3.2 ods
Golf ball drophtmlxls
HW 4.3html
Pohnpei 1958Yap 1947All-in-one
Track lapshtml
Pennies.ods.xls (Excel)
Cherry leaf measurements odshtmlxls
One hundred confidence intervals
Traffic study project
Variation in the confidence interval with change in the sample size n
Traffic study data
Effect of c on interval: two t c.i.
Hypothesis testing
q01 1.2
Quiz 2 2.2
t1 3.2t1a xls
q03 4.2 htmlxls
q04 5.1q05 6.1
Midterm 6.1 html
q06 6.1 pennies odthtml
q07 7.3aq08 7.3b
q09 9.1
q10 hyp test with confidence interval 9-10 q11 hyp test 10.3 10.4
q12 linear regression reviewq12a
Spring 2006
Spreadsheets Quizzes and Tests
Course Outline
Central tendencyhtmlods
FSM 2000 datam10 soln
Alcohol survey
x to z to area to the left of z
x to z to area with normal curve displayed
Guava leaf lengths
sample mean to z to area
Linear correlation species .ods
confidence interval
confidence interval z
confidence interval t.ods
Duke pre-post.ods
EC-300 calibration lin reg
q01q02 2.2
t1 3.2t1a
q03 4.2 html Community
q04 5.1
Midterm html
q05 7.1q6 7.3a
q7 7.3b
t2 9.2
Q08 9-10
Q09 hypothesis
Q10 review quiz
Found data fxfxa
Fall 2005
Spreadsheets Quizzes and Tests
BFI xlshtmlods
Frequency function
Another frequency explanationxls
Homework 3.2 p100htmlods
Drop bounce xlshtmlods
Run to NBFShtmlods
raise one eyebrowhtmlods
Pohnpei population 1958htmlods
PICS CHS normal 7.3
PICS CHS normal 7.3ods
Guava leaf lengths
Guava confidence intervals
Hypothesis test worksheet
BFI paired t-testhtmlods
Fibobelly 11.3 htmlods
p488 #1htmlods
Belly button ratio: M9
Belly button ratio: M9 & M10
Q01 1.1
Q02 2.2 html
Q03 3.2 html
t1 4.2 html
Q04 4.2 html
Q05 6.1 html
Mx 6.1 html
Q07 7.3 html
q08 9.2
t2 9.4 html
q09 9-10q10 10q11 11.1
q12 r4.3
Faraway Rainbow
Generating spreadsheetxls
Spring 2005
Spreadsheets Quizzes and Tests
Pop datahtmlsxc
8 bin hwhtmlsxc
run hw data
run html sxc
Yap 47htmlsxc
substance usehtmlsxc
Pick tenhtmlsxcods
ci to hypothesis test
Kosrae High School
HS data+ stats
Duke Kahanamoku
Lap worksheetanssxc
Quiz 1
q2 2.1 html
t1 2.2 html
Q3 4.2Q4 5.1Q5 6.1
Mx 6.3 html
q06 6.1html
q07 7.3
q08 9.2html
q9 hyp testhtml
q10 binom hypsxwodt
q11 r4.3Some solns
q12 r3.2 + ci
Fishdata sheetodshtml
Fall 2004
SpreadsheetsQuizzes and Tests
High Schoolhtmlsxc
Body fat HWhtml sxc
Central tendency handout
Track laps central tendency hw
  ans htmlsxc
lin reg hwhtmlsxc
bounce anshtmlsxc
Non-linear regression
Infant mortality homework
Mean from RFhtmlsxc
Track laps reduxhtmlsxc
track laps normalhtmlsxc
PICS essayhtmlsxc
Normal statistics with curve
Sample mean normal statistics with curvesxc
Female bfi homework
roasting coffee homework
z versus t confidence interval
Confidence interval based on t
t ci bats!
ci to hypothesis
Duke paired t-test
Daily temps for Pohnpei for 47 years!
Quiz 1 1.2Quiz 2 2.1
t1 2.2html
q3 3.2q4 4.3
q5 6.1html
MX Tireshtml
q6 7.2
q7 7.3q7a
t2 7.3q8 9.1xls
q9 ci hyp test 9-10
q10 hyp test
q11 r4.3 q11a
q12 html oos
Spring 2004
SpreadsheetsQuizzes and Tests
Linear xlshtmlsxc
M&M's® xlshtmlM&M's® web sitesxc
z to xNormal statistics
High School datasxc
Body fat end m9m10
V = iR 3.3 reviewhtmlsxcsxw
q1 1.1
q2 1.4q2a
t1 2.2 html
q3 3.2 html
q4 4.1
q5 5.1 html
Mx 5.1 html

q07 6.1
t2 6.3
q8 7q9 82
q10 94
q11 r3.3 (s23q3 s23q10)
Golfdrop fxans
Quizzes, Tests, Midterms, and Finals
Fall 2003 Spring 2003 Fall 2002
q01 1.1q02 1.4
q02 anst1 2.2t1 2.2a
q03 3.3 q04 4.1
Mx 5.1 html

WS q05 html
q06 6.2t2 6.3
q07 8.1 html
q08 8-9q09 3.3rev
ws10 1.4 5.1html
s33q11 html
Whirlpool fxans
Q1 1.1Q2 1.4 Bins
T1 2.2T1 Ans
Q3 3.1Q4 3.3 4.1
Midx 5.1Mx Ans

District two 2003
Penny distribution
Q5 5.1 6.1Q6 6.3
T2 6 8.2
Q8 8.1 Q9 9.1
Q10 3.3 Revisited
Freeway fx
Dev worksheet
Q01 1.1Q02 1.4
Test 1 2.2
Q03 3.3Q04 4.1
Midterm 4.1
Q05 5.1Penny lab results
Q06 6.2T2 6.3
Q07 8.1Q08 8 - 9
Q09 9.4Q10 3.3r
Tuna CPUE fxfxa
Spring 2002 Fall 2001 Summer 2001 Spring 2001 Fall 2000
Quiz 01 1.3
Test 01 2.1
Quiz 02 3.1
Quiz 03 3.3
Quiz 04 5.1
Quiz 05 6.1
Test 2 6.3
Quiz 06 8.1
Quiz 07 8 - 9
Quiz 08 9.4
Q01 1.2
Q02 1.4
Test 01 2
Q03 3
Q04 4.1
Q05 4.2
Midterm 5.1
Q06 6.1
Q07 6.3
Q09 8.2
Q10 8-9
Q11 9.4+
Q12 10.1
Q13 10.2
Infant fx
Final data
Quiz 01 1
Test 01 123
Quiz 02 4
Mid 12345
Quiz 03 6
Test Two 78
Quiz 04 9
Adult lit
Quiz 01
Quiz 02
Test 01
PostTest Survey
Quiz 03
Quiz 04
Quiz 05
Solns w/ student

Decline doc
Q06 6.1
Q07 6.3
Quiz 08 8.1
Quiz 09 8.4
Quiz 10 9.1
Quiz 11 9.4
Life exp fx
Quiz 1
Q02 1.4
T01 2.3
Q03 3.3
Quiz 4
Mx 5.2
Q05 6.1
Q06 6.3
Q07 7.3
T2 7.1
Q08 8.2
Support Materials
Fall 2003 Spring 2003 Fall 2002
Body Fat Datahtmlsxc
Pop. Pareto(html)
PE Survey sxc
Female BFI histo from class
Male body fat histohtml sxc
2.2 handouthtmlsxc
Soy Sauce Worksheets
Soysauce examplehtmlsxc
Waikiki Soy xlshtmlsxc
Soy Data M09 xlshtmlsxc
Soy data M10 xlshtmlsxc
Alcohol xlshtmlsxc
Normal statisticssxc
Distribution of the mean
Conf IntPulsesxc
Course Outline
OpenOffice Calc
Age Hist 5.1 xls
Norm dist xlshtmlsxc
Homework exemplar
Mean Distpngsxc
Entrance ci worksheet
Conf Interval 8.2 for 14 April
Paired Mean WSsxc
T-test: Two sample for means
Spring 2002 Fall 2001 Summer 2001 Spring 2001 Fall 2000
Excel Excel
Non-linear curve