MS 150 Statistics Fall 2001 Quiz Eleven: Beyond 9.4

Running shoes from major manufacturers this Fall have a population mean price of $85.93. Twelve Nike shoes this Fall have a sample mean price of $96.25 with a standard deviation of $18.36. For a two tail hypothesis test at an alpha a of 0.10 is this price difference significant?

  1. What is H0? ___________
  2. What is H1? ___________
  3. What is a?___________
  4. How many tails?___________
  5. What is n?___________
  6. What is x?___________
  7. What is sx?___________
  8. How many degrees of freedom are there?___________
  9. Determine tc.___________Find the t-statistic t.___________
  10. Make a sketch on the back of the t-distribution including , tc, the t-statistic, and the area in the tails.
  11. Do we reject H0 or do we fail to reject H0?___________
  12. Are Nike shoes significantly different in price than other brands of running shoes?______
  13. Are Nike shoes more expensive than other brands of shoes?______
Statistic or Parameter Symbol Equations Excel
Hypothesis Testing
Calculate a t-statistic (tstat) t xbartot.gif (1028 bytes)  
Calculate t-critical for a two-tailed test tc   =TINV(a,df)
Calculate t-critical for a one-tailed test tc   =TINV(2*a,df)
Calculate a p-value from a t-statistic p   = TDIST(ABS(tstat),df,#tails)

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