MS 150 Statistics Schedule Calendar of topics for statistics Monday Wednesday Friday 15 Aug Social media survey Colors, counts, distributions Mars and Murrie Study tips PowerPoint Working day Due Thursday 9:00 PM Presentations 22 Aug Textbook edition 5.3 1.1 Terms Levels 2.1 Measures of Middle Cars 2.2 Measures of Variation Quartiles, box plots BoxPlotR tool Standard deviation 2.3 Variables 2.4 z-scores 29 Aug 3.1 Charts 3.2 Nominal Hist Color Preferences 3.3 Ratio Hist & Freq Dist Frequency function 3.4 Distribution shape 034 test one 05 Sep Data explorations Pre post exercise HR Working day Due Thursday 9:00 PM Presentations Liberation day (Observed) 12 Sep RipStik time vs distance 4.1 Best fit lines 4.2 Slope & Intercept 4.3 Strength 4.4 Correl Correlation or Causation? 19 Sep Data explorations Ball drop & bounce Working day Due Thursday 9:00 PM Presentations 26 Sep 5.1 Probability: Equally likely outcomes 5.3 Relative frequency is probability 053 t02 midterm 03 Oct 7.1 Normal dist 7.2 Shape of randomness 7.3 Normal curve Beads 8.1 Sampling dist of mean 8.2 Standard error Paper aircaft data 9.1 Point estimates 9.12 Intro to conf intervals 10 October 9.2 Confidence interval 10.1 CI hyp test 101 test three 17 October Data explorations FiboBelly Working day Due Thursday 9:00 PM Presentations 24 Oct UN day [observed] 10.2 Hypothesis testing I & II slide Fibo inclass|paperair hw 10.3 P-value water glass cardboard bucket with water 31 Oct 11.1 Paired t-test TTEST function 11.2 T-test indep samp 11.3 Effect size Girls Run (p10) HR stim PowerPoint 12.1 Open data exp one Questions approach 07 Nov Working day odx1 Due Tuesday 9:00 PM Presentations odx1 Veteran's Day Fasting: Monday WDD 14 Nov 12.2 Variables analysis odx2 (World Diabetes Day) Working day odx2 Due Thursday 9:00 PM Presentations odx2 21 Nov 12.2 Variables analysis odx3 Working day odx3 Due Thursday 9:00 PM Presentations odx3 28 Nov 12.3 ODX tools odx4 Working day odx4 Due Thursday 9:00 PM Presentations odx4 MS 150 Statistics Finals Week Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 05 Dec Evals Study tips 07 Dec 8:00 0800 sxn fx 08 Dec 10:05 1000 sxn fx 09 Dec 8:00 0900 sxn fx

Statistics links


Statistics done wrong

Data sources

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Alternatives to USB flash drives
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Google Drive
iCloud [Apple OSX, iOS only]