MS 150 Statistics q08 • Name:

taw mass/g

In the world of marbles the larger shooter marbles are called taws and the smaller marbles that one tries to hit out of the circle are called ducks. The table has the masses of ten taws.

  1. __________ What level of measurement is the data?
  2. __________ Find the sample size n for the data.
  3. __________ Find the minimum.
  4. __________ Find the maximum.
  5. __________ Find the range.
  6. __________ Find the median.
  7. __________ Find the mode.
  8. __________ Find the sample mean x.
  9. __________ Find the sample standard deviation sx.
  10. __________ Find the sample coefficient of variation CV.
  11. ____________________ Use the mean x and standard deviation sx calculated above to determine the z-score for a taw that has a mass of 54.48 grams.
  12. ____________________ Is the z-score above an ordinary or unusual z-score?
  13. ____________________ Calculate the standard error of the mean for the taws.
  14. Calculate the 68% confidence interval for the population mean mass of a taw.

    p(__________ < μ <__________) = 0.68
Table of statistical functions used by OpenOffice
Statistic or Parameter Symbol Equations Calc
Formula to calculate a z value from an x value z zscore_xbar (1K) =STANDARDIZE(x;μ;σ)
Find a probability p (the area to the left of x) from an x value =NORMDIST(x;μ;σ;1)
Find an x value from a probability p (the area to the left of p) =NORMINV(p;μ;σ)
Standard error of the sample mean SE se_sx (1K)
=stdev(data)/sqrt(sample size n)

zscores (3K)