MS 150 Statistics Schedule Calendar of topics and laboratories for statistics Monday Pac Pol Wednesday Friday FSM Statistics Unit 14 Jan Count the posts! Text5 Outline Email Google Docs Social media Bare foot day! 9 mnth baby Obese 10 ~gen Sch trap injury high lazy sport ods bmi 1.1 Trms 1.2 Rand 1.3 Design Levels Social media data 21 Jan 2.1 Measures of Middle 2.2 Measures of Variation Quartiles Box plots and whiskers Standard deviation quiz 01 2.2 Pillars Data for quiz 01 28 Jan 2.3 Variables 2.4 z-scores 3.1 Charts 3.2 Nominal Hist Flickr FavColor Baby names! Local s93 Stress survey results quiz 02 Fav colors on board 04 Feb 3.3 Ratio Histograms and Frequency Distributions 3.4 Distribution shape test 01 pool laps basic stats box plots, histograms 11 Feb Review test one Quickie xy rip data Ball drop and bounce 4.1 Best fit lines 4.2 Slope & Intercept 18 Feb 4.3 Strength 4.4 Correl Heart rate vs height Correlation or Causation? Straight stats Flow data Fusion Many eyes Timetric 22 Feb Staff development day 25 Feb 5.1 Probability: Equally likely outcomes 5.3 Relative frequency Histogram choices Number of children test 02 midterm Joggle height vs lap time 04 March Review midterm Lost USB & Docs 7.1 Normal distribution Pennies 7.2 Shape of randomness heart rate gnumeric Erasers and marbles 11 Mar 8.1 Sampling dist of mean 8.2 Standard error FiboBelly Paper aircaft data 9.1 Point estimates 9.12 Intro to conf intervals quiz 9.12 Living room laps 18 Mar 9.2 Confidence interval using student's t-dist 10.1 CI hypothesis test Sound & light Heart rate test 03 joggling versus running 25 Mar Review test 03 10.1 Fonts Engrade retest Spring break for students Good Friday 01 Apr COM-FSM Founding Day Cultural celebration 10.2 Hypothesis testing 10.3 P-value 08 Apr Bare foot day 11.1 Paired t-test fcn Weight & body fat data.ods Weight & body fat data.xls bodyfat.gnumeric quiz market basket survey Ace Comm vs Palm T 15 Apr 11.2 T-test for two independent samples April 17 Pole and Line Data Open data exploration HW due: Skipjack and Kasuo statistical story 22 Apr Open data exploration Soil Carbon Sequestration 29 Apr bp-sugar.ods bp-sugar.gnumeric bloodpressure-sugar.xlsx StatLib StatLib DASL 03 May Quiz Team data exploration learning curve 06 May FlowingData Google data Last day class Ngram Real climate Air pollution data WHO FSM Constitution Statsci data sets US UN flow CDC IMF Gpde

MS 150 Statistics final exam schedule MS 150 Statistics final exam schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday Data 13 May MS 150/1 8:00 final exam 14 May MS 150/3 10:05 final exam 15 May MS 150/2 8:00 final exam relay.gnumeric relay.ods (Libre) relay.xlsx (Excel)

Introduction to Statistics
Using Calc
and Gnumeric Fifth edition
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