MS 150 Statistics prequiz fall 2007 • Name:
shelter users

Basic statistics: On Sunday 08 July 2007 the Honolulu Advertiser ran an article covering the rising number of Micronesians using Hawaii's homeless shelters. The table records the number of Micronesians using homeless shelters from 2001 to 2006. Use the number of Micronesians in homeless shelters in Hawaii for the following calculations.

  1. _________ What level of measurement is the number of shelter users data?
  2. _________ Determine the sample size n.
  3. _________ Calculate the sample mean x.
  4. _________ Determine the median.
  5. _________ Determine the mode.
  6. _________ Determine the minimum.
  7. _________ Determine the maximum.
  8. _________ Calculate the range.
  9. _________ Calculate the sample standard deviation sx.
  10. _________ Calculate the sample Coefficient of Variation.
INS marasong
time/min (x)dist/km (y)

Linear regression: On the 21st of July I completed the INS "marasong" half marathon. As I ran I tracked my time in minutes (min) and distance in kilometers (km) using a GPS. The data is given in the table on the right.

  1. ________ Determine the slope for the best fit line.
  2. ________ Find the y-intercept for the best fit line using the graph.
  3. ________________________ Write the best fit line in y = mx + b slope-intercept form.
  4. ________ What would be the predicted distance after 45 minutes of running?
  5. ________ What would be the predicted time for me to reach the finish line at Spanish wall at 20.3 kilometers?

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