Test One

  1. A survey is given to 100 Kitti residents to determine whether Kitti residents want the road paved all the way to the Madolehnihmw border. At issue is whether the road will impact the local culture.  Kepar, Enipein, Wone, and Rohi are very traditional.   Pavement would make it easier for outsiders to enter this area. 
    1. What is the population?

    2. What is the sample?

    3. What is your own opinion: Should roads be built and paved into very traditional areas such as southern Kitti, Walung, or Rumung?

  2. On my run home Wednesday evening I tracked my pace per kilometer.  The pace data is as follows:
    7.11 minutes per kilometer to Dolon
    5.83 minutes per kilometer to Sekere
    6.75 minutes per kilometer into Kolonia
    7.05 minutes per kilometer to Dausokele
    6.50 minutes per kilometer to Nantipw

    This data is an example of what level of measurement?

  3. The TOEFL scores for OIHS are given by the following data set:

    517, 490, 487, 450, 443, 443, 443, 443, 440, 440, 427, 420, 407, 403, 400, 390, 387, 383, 373, 370, 367, 343, 338
    1. What is the minimum value in this data set? _____
    2. What is the maximum value in this data set _____
    3. What is the range for this data? ______________
      Class(Intervals) Frequency Relative Frequency









    4. Calculate the frequency using the classes (intervals) in the table above.  Include the class upper limit (CUL) in each class.
    5. Calculate the relative frequency for each interval (class) in the table above.

    6. Sketch a relative frequency histogram of the data, labeling your horizontal axis as appropriate.
      histrelfreq5.gif (2321 bytes)
    7. What is the shape of the distribution? _____
    8. Find the mode of the data ___________
    9. Find the median of the data ___________
    10. Find the mean of the data given.___________
    11. Find the sample standard deviation for the data _____.
    12. Find the sample variance for the data _____.
    13. Find the sample coefficient of variation for the date ____.
    14. What is the value of n for this data set? _____________
  4. Yap High School has a TOEFL average of 468 with a sample standard deviation of 70.   Weno High School has a TOEFL average of 371 with a sample standard deviation of 40.
    1. Which school has the higher mean score?

    2. Which school produces more consistent results, that is, which school produces students more consistently with a score close to the school average?

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