MS 150 Statistics Test 01 Spring 2003

1 to 4: Matching: Levels of Measurement

____ 1. Names: Abigail, Alexis, Elizabeth, Emily, Hannah, Lauren, Madison, Olivia, Samantha, Taylor A. Interval
____ 2. Ten most popular girl baby names in the United States in 2000 in descending order: Hannah, Emily, Madison, Elizabeth, Alexis, Sarah, Taylor, Lauren, Jessica, Ashley.1,2 B. Ordinal
____ 3. Year: 1981, 1987, 1999, 2002 C. Nominal
____ 4. The numbers of baby girls born in Michigan in 2001 given the names shown:
Alexis Emily Hannah Madison Olivia Comingalongaleen
D. Ratio

1Predicted up and coming most popular: Jenna, Maya, Trinity, Autumn, Jada, Gabriella
2Most unpopular names: Hermine, Charmain, Charla, Glynnis, Merla, Ginette

The rest of the questions use the following seat count data

The following data was gathered by the MS 095 PreAlgebra students on 23 January 2003. The data is the count of the seats in the FSM-China Friendship Sports Center by pairs of students:

1220, 1279, 1229, 1290, 1291, 1291, 1291, 1300, 1466, 1470

  1. ______ What is the sample size n?
  2. ______ What is the minimum value in this data set?
  3. ______ What is the maximum value in this data set?
  4. ______ What is the range for this data?
  5. ______ Divide the data into five bins. What is the width of a single bin?
  6. Determine the frequency and calculate the relative frequency using five bins. Record your results in the table provided.
    BinsFrequencyRelative Frequency
    Sum: ______________
  7. ______ What is the mode for the seat count data?
  8. ______ What is the median for the seat count data?
  9. ______ What is the mean for the seat count data?
  10. ______ What is the sample standard deviation for the seat count data?
  11. ______ What is the coefficient of variation for the seat count data?
  12. Somewhere on this page, sketch a RELATIVE frequency histogram of the data, labeling your horizontal axis and vertical axis with labels that you feel are appropriate.
  13. ____________ What is the shape of the distribution?
  14. ____________ Do you think Madison should be a girl's name or a boy's name?
  15. ____________ What would you name a baby girl?

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