MS 150 Statistics Schedule Calendar of topics and laboratories for statistics Monday Wednesday Friday Text Outline Email Google Docs Project Assessment FSM Statistics Unit Pac Pol Obese 10 ~gen High Injury Straight stats Flow data Google fusion Many eyes Timetric 15 Aug 1.1 Terms 1.2 Random Flickr FavColor Favcolor.ods Baby names! Local s93 Body fat handout baby 9 mnth Bare foot day! Body fat data cr nyt ods xls html 1.3 Exp. design q01 Levels measurement Social media data 22 Aug 2.1 Charts 2.2 Nominal Histograms 2.22 Ratio Histograms and Frequency Distributions 2.3 Distribution shape q02 body social 24 Jan [hand work q02] 3.1 Measures of Middle 3.2 Measures of Variation 3.3 Variables 3.4 z-scores 02 Sep Purely personal due Test 01 05 Sep Review test one Quickie xy rip data Ball drop and bounce 4.1 Best fit lines 4.2 Slope & Intercept Quiz 03 4.2 Sewing machines 12 Sep Pohnpei Liberation 4.3 Strength of relationship 4.4 Correlation Heart rate vs height Quiz 04 4.4 Baby obesity vs BMI 25 Correlation or Causation? 19 Sep 5.1 Probability: Equally likely outcomes 5.2 Sample space Histogram choices Number of children Quiz 05 5.2 Num children 26 Sep 5.3 Relative frequency Lost USB & Docs LinkedIn FlowingData Google data Ngram viewer 30 Sep Paired data due Test 02 5.3 mx data 03 Oct 6.1 Probability distributions Distributions 6.2 Mean from distribution q06 6.2 Commute time 10 Oct 7.1 Normal distribution Pennies 7.2 Shape of randomness 7.3 Normal distribution heartrate q07 7.3 Clover coal Heart rate w/ BFI 17 Octr 7.4 x to z Heart rate data 7.5 z to x Travel time 24 Oct UN day 8.1 Sampling dist of mean 8.2 Standard error q08 8.2 Birdie flight 31 Oct 9.1 Point estimates 9.12 Intro to conf intervals 9.2 Confidence interval using student's t-dist 04 Nov Test 03 Random data Cyberspatial data due US UN flow CDC IMF Gpde 07 Nov Review test three 9.3 CI Pro 10.1 CI hypothesis test Sound & light Heart rate Veteran's Day 14 Nov 10.2 Hypothesis test 10.3 P-value Quiz 09 9.2 10.1 10.3 Chrome time to first byte ADSL at home versus college 21 Nov Bare foot day 11.1 Paired t-test Weight and BFI paired data 25 Nov Quiz 10 11.1 Fav labs Include chap 2 histo sp 12 28 Nov 11.2 T-test for two samples Weight & body fat data 02 Dec Q11 11.2 4.4 Still running data sheet .ods Purely personal rerun due

MS 150 Statistics calender and syllabus Calendar of topics and laboratories for statistics Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday 05 Dec Last day instruction U ask I ans 07 Dec Final M8 at 8:00 Ocean Energy Kosrae 08 Dec Final M10 at 10:05 Data sheet 09 Dec Final M9 at 8:00 Solutions

Introduction to Statistics
Using Calc
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