Lap time Split Time (x) Distance (y)
2.42 2.42 418
2.28 4.7 836
2.22 6.92 1254
2.23 9.15 1672
2.2 11.35 2090
2.22 13.57 2508
2.22 15.79 2926
2.23 18.02 3344
2.22 20.24 3762
2.22 22.46 4180
2.28 24.74 4598

For the lap time data:

Find the sample size n.

Find the median.

Find the mode.

Find the sample mean.

Find the sample standard deviation.

Find the sample coefficient of variation CV.

For the split time data (x) and the distance data (y):

Calculate the slope of the best fit line.

Calculate the y-intercept for the data.

Is the correlation positive, negative, or neutral?

Determine the correlation coefficient.

Is the correlation none, low, moderate, high, or perfect?

Determine the coefficient of determination.

What percent in the variation in time explains the variation in distance?

What would be the predicted distance at thirty minutes?

What is the predicted time for a five kilometer run?

What is the predicted time for a 80 kilometer run around Pohnpei?

Construct a 95% confidence interval for the lap times.

Is the lap time statistically significantly different from a 2.47 minute lap time?