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Hypothesis Testing Using Confidence Intervals

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Thirty-seven Japanese sumo rikishi (wrestlers) were measured for the holding force of their hands in the mid-1990s. The sumo wrestlers had a mean holding force of 170 pounds with a standard deviation of 24 pounds. The holding force values were normally distributed.

Construct a 95% confidence interval using a student's t-distribution for the population mean hand grip.

  1. The confidence interval for the population mean holding force of their hands is:
    _________ < < _________
  2. This year the elite top rikishi (sekiwake) have a population mean holding force of 185 pounds. Is this statistically significantly different from the mid-1990s value?
Confidence interval statistics
Find a tc value from a confidence level c and sample size n tc   =TINV(1-c,n-1)
Calculate an error tolerance E of a mean for any n ≥ 5 using sx. E error_tolerance_tc.gif (989 bytes) =tc*sx/SQRT(n)
Calculate a confidence interval for a population mean from a sample mean x and an error tolerance E   x-E≤ ≤x+E