tractor4200.jpg (4865 bytes) 30
tractor5205.jpg (4608 bytes) 48
tractor6605.jpg (8158 bytes) 95
tractor7410.jpg (6782 bytes) 105
tractor8520.jpg (4841 bytes) 255
tractor9520.jpg (4271 bytes) 450

Use the horsepower data to perform the following calculations:

  1. Find the sample size n:

  2. Find the minimum:

  3. Find the maximum:

  4. Find the range:

  5. If this data is to be divided into three bins what is the width of a single bin?

  6. Determine the frequency and calculate the relative frequency using three bins. Record your results in the table provided.
    Sum: _______ _______

  7. Determine P(x <= 170)

  8. If A is the dominant gene for normal vision and a is recessive gene for achromatopsia, what is the probability of an Aa carrier father and an aa achromat mother having an achromatic children?