1. Find the mean price for the 500 Magic Circus of Samoa tickets using the table seen below.
    Ticket Price x Number of tickets f P(x) xP(x)
    Games 1.00 100 __________ __________
    Rides 2.00 75 __________ __________
    General Admission: Child 5.00 40 __________ __________
    General Admission: Adult 8.00 60 __________ __________
    Ring Side: Child 8.00 85 __________ __________
    Ring Side: Adult 10.00 115 __________ __________
    Headless woman from Thailand 1.00 25 __________ __________
    __________ __________ __________
  2. The diagram below depicts three normal curves
    normal_triplet.gif (6782 bytes)
    1. _______ Which curve has the largest mean?
    2. _______ Which curve has the largest standard deviation?
    3. _______ What is the mean for curve A?
    4. _______ What is the mean for curve B?
    5. _______ What is the mean for curve C?
    6. _______ What is the standard deviation for curve C?
  3. Mika throws knives at his wife Hana for a living. He aims for a location six inches away from Mika's body. Uncertainties in the exact spin of the knife and release position of his arm result in his throws landing distances away from the spot at which he aims that are normally distributed.

    Let the spot Mika aims at be considered the mean value = 0. The standard deviation s = 2.  What is the probability that Mika's knife will land six inches away from his aiming point? 

    Hints: The x value is 6.  Calculate your z value and then use the z value to calculate the probability p. Remember to show your work: partial credit may be given.

    Note: Bear in mind that the probability you calculate is not the probability he will nick his wife with a knife: the probability is the probability the knife will land six inches from where he aims. That is a circular zone, only a small part of which endangers his wife. And... the numbers in this example are fictitious. Bonus point: Mika and Hana have a child who helps with the circus and who is making her second appearance with the circus on Pohnpei. What is the name of the child?
Calculate a z value from an x z = standardize.gif (905 bytes) =STANDARDIZE(x, m, s)
Calculate an x value from a z x = s z + m = s*z+m
Find a probability p from a z value =NORMSDIST(z)
Find a z value from a probability p =NORMSINV(p)