Location Per Capita Income in dollars Infant Mortality per 1000 live births
CNMI 13100 38
FSM 1900 33
Guam 20700 7
Kiribati 600 55
Marshalls 1500 41
Nauru 9400 11
Palau 6400 17
Samoa 1300 33
Vanuatu 1276 63
-0.001866 Calculate the slope of the least squares line for the data.
44.76 Calculate the y-intercept of the least squares line.
negative Is the correlation positive, negative, or neutral?
35 What is the expected infant mortality rate for a Pacific basin location with a per capita income of 5000 dollars?
7908.91 What is the expected per capita income for a Pacific basin location with an infant mortality rate of 30?
-0.6842 Calculate the linear correlation coefficient r for the data.
moderate Is the correlation none, low, moderate, high, or perfect?
0.47 Calculate the coefficient of determination.
47% What percent of the variation in the per capita income explains the variation in the infant mortality data?