Find the mean price for the 400 packs of Ramen in the four bin table below.

Ramen Price x Number of packs f P(x) xP(x)
25 144 __________ __________
50 96 __________ __________
75 60 __________ __________
100 100 __________ __________
__________ __________ __________

Chapter two review question

You are given an Excel spreadsheet with a thousand rows of student TOEFL data such as that seen below:

Last First Listening Reading Structure Excel Function column
Jathan Jane 450 450 450 .
Jeppson Jed 430 430 430 .
Jimmy Jileen 500 320 500 .
Johnny John 480 480 480 .
Jumpy Julie 550 450 350 .

You want a function in the final column that will allow you to sort the list so that students with large differences amongst their three scores (such as Jileen Jimmy and Julie Jumpy) will rise to the top (or fall to the bottom) of the list. In other words, you want a function that calculates a highest value for Julie and Jileen so that when the column is sorted they are at the end (or at the beginning) of the sort list.

Do not perform the actual calculation or write in the actual formula.  Do not fill in the table.  Give me ONLY the name of the statistical function I need, either the full name or the Excel version of the name.