MS 150 Quiz Five Section 6.1 • Name:

On a quiet Wednesday evening at home I tossed two dice 216 times. I added the die face values and tabulated my results. The smallest sum of two was the result of "snake eyes," a pair of ones. The largest sum of twelve was the result of "box cars," a pair of sixes. In the game of Craps gamblers bet based on a complex series of rules. The results for the first roll are shown in the second to last column, a term for that roll is in the last column. What happens for subsequent rolls after a first roll of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, and 10 is more complicated.

Two six-sided dice
Roll (Bins x)Frequency fRF p(x) x*p(x)ResultTerm
26____________________LoseCraps, snake eyes
312____________________LoseCraps, ace deuce
416____________________PointLittle Joe (2-2), ace-trey (1-3)
525____________________PointThirty-two juice roll
633____________________PointBig Red
732____________________WinSeven's a bruiser, the front line is a loser¹
834____________________PointA square pair (4-4)
922____________________PointOcean liner niner
1019____________________PointPuppy paws (5-5)
1112____________________WinYo leven
125____________________LoseCraps, box cars
  1. Fill in the table above. Calculate the sums row and relative frequency column.
  2. _______________ What is the sample size (the total number of tosses)?
  3. _______________ Based on my data, what is the probability of rolling an 8?
  4. _______________ Use the x*P(x) column to calculate the mean roll. This is also sometimes refered to as the "expected outcome."
  5. Toughie: _______________ What are the odds of rolling "craps" (losing) on the first roll?

¹ After the first roll, a roll of a seven is a losing roll.