MS 150 Statistics Calendar and Syllabus • College of Micronesia-FSM • Instructor: Dana Lee Ling
Wk Day Name Date Topic Assessment
0 Friday 08/14/09 What is the proportion of red books in the library? Quiz 01
1 Monday08/17/09 Course introduction. Flickr FavColor Favolor.ods
Coverage of term project. Syllabus, text book. • 1.1 Population and samples, types of measurement1.2 Simple random samples with introduction to OpenOffice
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Wednesday08/19/09 Ratio level of measurement
Barefoot day: Determining your body fat • End add course [Tues]
Friday08/21/09 1.3 Experimental design[4:00 PM Sat 22 Aug INS Half Marathon] Quiz 2
2 Monday08/24/09 2.1 Circle and column chartsClass lists due
Wednesday08/26/09 2.2 Histograms and Frequency Distributions
Friday08/28/09 Shapes of Distributions Quiz 3
3 Monday08/31/09 Statistics project note. Shape of distributions.
3.1 Measures of middle
3.2 Measures of variation Grad apps due
Wednesday09/02/09 3.3 Continous and Discrete variables
3.4 z-scores: measures of relative standing
Friday09/04/09 Test Oneods
4 Monday09/07/09 Review test one. Project questions and answers. Survey of possible project concept under consideration. • Early warning
Wednesday09/09/09 4.1 Best fit lines Drop a ball, graph the bounce height. [homework] Terminology including least squares, linear regression, trend line.
Friday09/11/09 Pohnpei Liberation Day
5 Monday09/14/09 4.2 Slope & Intercept • Predicting values
Wednesday09/16/09 4.3 Relationships4.4 Correlation
Friday09/18/09 Quiz 4
6 Monday09/21/09 5.1 Probability: Equally likely outcomes
Wednesday09/23/09 5.2 Sample space
Friday09/25/09 Quiz 5
7 Monday09/28/09 5.3 Probability as relative frequency
Friday10/02/09 Test two: midtermt2 tension.ods soln
First draft statistics project due.
MS 150 Statistics Calendar and Syllabus • College of Micronesia-FSM • Instructor: Dana Lee Ling
Wk Day Name Date Topic Assessment
8 Monday10/05/09 Review midterm
Wednesday10/07/09 6.1 Probability distributions
Friday10/09/09 6.2 Mean from distribution Quiz 6Middefs due
9 Monday10/12/09 7.1 Distribution shape: Tossing your pennies
Wednesday10/14/09 7.2 The shape of randomness7.3 The normal curve
Friday10/16/09 Quiz 7
10 Monday10/19/09 7.4 x to area
Wednesday10/21/09 7.5 Area to x
Friday10/23/09 United Nations Day fall 2009 (observed)
11 Monday10/26/09 8.1 Distribution of Statistics8.2 Central Limit TheoremStandard error
Wednesday 10/28/09 9.1 Inference and point estimates 9.12 Introduction to confidence intervals for the mean
Friday10/30/09 Quiz 8
12 Monday11/02/09 9.2 Inferences and confidence intervals for 5 ≤ n ≤ 30; σ unknown. Also used for n ≥ 30. Course selection
Wednesday11/04/09 9.3 Confidence intervals for a proportion
Friday11/06/09 Test three Sp09Fa08aSp08aFa07a Second draft project due. Must be submitted as word processing document.
13 Monday11/09/09 Pohnpei constitution fall 2009 (observed)
Wednesday11/11/09 Veteran's day fall 2009
Friday11/13/09 Review test three • 9.4 Sample Size
14 Monday11/16/09 10.1 Hypothesis testing using confidence intervals
Wednesday11/18/09 10.2 Hypothesis testing
Friday11/20/09 Quiz 9
15 Monday11/23/09 10.3 p-value
Wednesday11/25/09 11.1 Paired differences t-test: Barefoot day II
Friday11/27/09 Final report statistics project due. Quiz 10
16 Monday11/30/09 11.2 Independent samples t-test
Wednesday12/02/09 Review quiz
17 Monday12/07/09 Last day of instruction. Question & answer session
Tuesday12/08/09 MWF 8:30 Final at 8:00 Sp09aFa08aSu08sSu08Fa07
Wednesday12/08/09 MWF 12:30 Final at 12:10
Thursday12/10/09 MWF 9:30 Final at 8:00
18 Friday12/18/09Graduation

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