CA 100 Email

Due our being in a laboratory situation with a mixed audience, the focus will be on a common on-line email option, Yahoo mail. The following screen shots cover some of how it works and some of the options one has. These options are also often available with a regular email package.

The main screen with which an email user interacts is their inbox. Do be wary: Yahoo is supported by advertising. The screensavers displayed is very beautiful and alluring, it is also advertising. Do not download or install any programs from any web site on college computers. Some software may include adware, trackingware, or other forms of undesireable elements.
yahoo_mail_inbox_wscrnsvr_adware (150K)

The mail compose screen allows one to address and write emails. Multiple addresses can be separated by commas. Make your subject lines meaningful and specific! Use "Curriculum comm meeting 14 July 2007" and not "Meeting". If you have files to send with the email, mention that files are attached to the email. This will assure the recipient that any attachments received are not viral.
yahoo_mail_compose (13K)

Up to five attachments can be made, although a button can be clicked to expand this list.
yahoo_mail_attach (17K)

The attachments can take a long time to upload to Yahoo. Be patient! When done, Yahoo will confirm successful attachment.
yahoo_mail_attach_success (15K)

When one clicks "continue to message", the attachments will be displayed in the header area of the email composition.
yahoo_mail_compose (13K)

When a message is successfully sent, Yahoo confirms the sending.
yahoo_mail_msg_sent (9K)

yahoo_mail_inbox_wscrnsvr_adware (150K)

Yahoo sets up you mail account with the folders seen on the left above. Other folders can be added by clicking on edit.
yahoo_mail_edit_folders (16K)

Every email you send is stored in the sent items.
yahoo_mail_msg_sent (9K)

The folders screen is a useful place to manage the amount of storage space your account is using. If your account is getting full, easy to do if one sends lots of pictures, then use the folders screen to empty out folders.

If one clicks on mail options, then various mail options can be set.
yahoo_mail_mail_options (50K)

From the options screen the mail account settings can be managed, the general preferences set up, and a signature can be attached.

The general preferences screen allows the setting of preferences. Note that I have set my reply-to address to route all replies to my own regular email account.
yahoo_mail_gen_prefs (56K)

The signature allows a personalized signature on all of your emails.yahoo_mail_signature (50K)

Drop-down menus are almost always available as short-cuts to other screens.
yahoo_mail_dropdown_menu (8K)

Yahoo mail will store email addresses for you, offering to add addresses both when messages are sent and providing options for when messages are received.