MS 150 Statistics Quiz 04 • Name:

LocationDistance (km)Time (minutes)
Dolihner 0 0
Pohnpei campus 3 22
Dausokele bridge Nett 5 35
Nett Elementary school10 69
Yoshie 12 82
Bank of FSM 14 100
Dolihner 14.8105

Wednesday 03 February 2010 I ran from Dolihner up towards Pit Stop, circled around past PICS, down to Kaselehlie and Elenieng, out to the U border, back into town through the public market, up to Spanish wall, up main street and back into Dolihner. Using a global positioning satellite receiver (GPS) and a chronometer I determined both my distance in kilometers and my time in minutes. In the world of running, a key metric is one's pace. Pace is the number of minutes per kilometer. Remember that best fit line, least squares, linear regression, and linear trend line all mean the same thing.

  1. ______________ Determine the slope of the linear trend line for the data.
  2. ______________ Determine the y-intercept of the linear trend line for the data.
  3. ______________ As I reached my turn-around at the bridge on the border between U and Nett my GPS said I was 7.45 kilometers into my run. I did not check my chronometer. Use the slope and intercept determined above to calculate the time in minutes at which I reached the U border.
  4. ______________ At an hour I usually try to rehydrate by picking up a bottle of water or a packet of juice. Using the above slope and intercept, determine my distance in kilometers at the one hour mark.
  5. ______________ Calculate how long for me to run the 80 kilometers around the circumferential road of Pohnpei.
  6. ______________ Based on the appearance of the xy scatter graph, does the relation appear to be strong, weak, OR none?

Images along the route

Pohnpei scenic view in Nett Pohnpei scenic view in Nett