Sweetie: Stop WebCam Child Sex Tourism

MS 150 Statistics Final Examination • Name:

CountryNumber of
Costa Rica1
New Zealand4
South Africa3
United States254

Terre des Hommes Netherlands raised the alarm about a largely unknown, but quickly spreading new form of child exploitation that has got tens of thousands victims involved in the Philippines alone: Webcam Child Sex Tourism (WCST). In less than two and a half months Terre des Hommes researchers were able to identify over 1,000 adults who were willing to pay children in developing countries to perform sexual acts in front of the webcam. With the help of a virtual 10 year old Philippine girl the researchers identified adults from more than 65 countries. The number of predators by country is listed above. Use the number of predators, the second column, to answer the following questions.

  1. __________ Calculate the sample size n.
  2. __________ Calculate the minimum (quartile 0).
  3. __________ Calculate the first quartile (Q1).
  4. __________ Calculate the median (quartile 2).
  5. __________ Calculate the third quartile (Q3).
  6. __________ Calculate the maximum (quartile 4).
  7. __________ Calculate the Inter-Quartile Range (IQR).
  8. Sketch the box plot for the data.
    blank boxplot
  9. __________ Calculate the range.
  10. __________ If the data is divided into three classes,
    what is the width of a single class?
  11. Determine the frequency and calculate the relative
    frequency for the data using three classes.
    Record your results in the table provided.
    Class upper limitsFrequency FRel. Freq.
  12. Sketch a frequency histogram for the data, labeling your horizontal axis and vertical axis as appropriate.
    blank histogram
  13. __________ What is the shape of the histogram?
  14. __________ Calculate the mode.
  15. __________ Calculate the mean.
  16. __________ Calculate the sample standard deviation sx.
  17. __________ Calculate the standard error SE of the sample mean.
  18. __________ Calculate the degrees of freedom.
  19. __________ Calculate t-critical for a 95% confidence level.
  20. __________ Calculate the margin of error E of the sample mean.
  21. Calculate the 95% confidence interval for the population mean μ

    p(__________ < μ < __________) = 0.95

    On 04 November 2013 Terre des Hommes released the video Stop webcam child sex tourism! under the username Sweetie. The video went viral for just over a hundred hours until super typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines and knocked Sweetie out of the news cycle.

    Hours on lineNumber of views (thousands)

  22. _________ For the paired data, calculate the sample size n (the number of data pairs).
  23. ______________ Calculate the slope of the linear regression for the data.
  24. ______________ Calculate the y-intercept of the linear regression for the data.
  25. ______________ Is the relation positive, negative, or neutral?
  26. ______________ Calculate the correlation coefficient r for the data.
  27. ______________ Is the correlation none, weak/low, moderate, strong/high, or perfect?
  28. ______________ Determine the coefficient of determination.
  29. ______________ Use the slope and intercept to predict the number of views at 24 hours on line.
  30. ______________ Use the slope and intercept to predict the hours on line at which the number of views was 750.

In their video, Terre Des Hommes asks viewers to sign their petition. The petition calls on justice ministers, police chiefs and child protection chiefs to "...to crack down on Webcam Child Sex Tourism. This will require announcing a plan for intercepting potential predators in public chat rooms, initiating prosecutions and challenging intermediaries who enable and profit from this vile trade. We expect you to act fast, decisively and accountably, to prevent more young lives being ruined."

Data exploration: Education in Chuuk

Sapou elementary on Polle Epin elementary on Paata
Sapou in Polle, Epin on Paata
Webcam Child Sex Tourism (WCST)flourishes in the Philippines in part because of a combination of poverty and broadband Internet access. One way to protect children is through education. Education is perhaps the most important long term solution to reducing poverty and the conditions that allow WCST to flourish. While the Philippines is far away, the possibility of the exploitation of youth exists even here in the FSM. In an ongoing case in Guam, young Chuukese women, including some underage women, were taken from Chuuk by human traffickers and forced into prostitution at the Blue House in Guam. Fear and a lack of knowing what to do - a lack of education - kept these young women from seeking help.

One of the weaknesses that has been identified in the education system in Chuuk is teacher attendance. Teachers are often absent from the their classes. The following table provides data for elementary schools in Faichuuk. The data comes from the Chuuk State School Facility Repair and Construction Master Plan, Version 1.0, 31 May 2012 available from the PITI-VITI web site. The region, name of the island, and name of the school, are in the first column. The second column is the Chuuk State Junior High Entrance Test (JHET) percent correct. The third column is the percentage of the total possible days of attendance for which teachers attended school. Perfect attendance would be 100%. There are a number of problems with using this data, not the least of which is the percentage nature of the data. There is not, however, a lot of publicly available data for the schools in Chuuk state. Provide numeric support for answers to the following questions.

Region Island SchoolJHET % CorrectTeacher attendance rate
Faichuuk Eot Eot 0.250.67
Faichuuk Fanapanges Fanapanges 0.270.82
Faichuuk Patta Epin 0.350.79
Faichuuk Patta Nukaf 0.280.64
Faichuuk Polle Manaio 0.250.81
Faichuuk Polle Sapou 0.390.79
Faichuuk Romanum Romanum 0.460.94
Faichuuk Tolensom Central Wonip 0.640.98
Faichuuk Tolensom East Wonip 0.290.89
Faichuuk Tolensom Fason0.290.87
Faichuuk Tolensom Munien 0.430.80
Faichuuk Tolensom Wichukuno 0.240.97
Faichuuk Udot Udot 0.470.92
Mortlocks Lower Lekinioch 0.330.81
Mortlocks Lower Oneop 0.380.70
Mortlocks Lower Satowan 0.360.91
Mortlocks Lower Ta 0.340.72
Mortlocks Mid Kuttu 0.360.81
Mortlocks Mid Moch 0.840.95
Mortlocks Mid Namoluk 0.510.91
Mortlocks Upper Losap 0.250.46
Mortlocks Upper Nema 0.410.85
Mortlocks Upper Piisemwar 0.360.69
Northern Noumeneas Fonoton Fonoton 0.270.94
Northern Noumeneas Weno Iras Demo 0.310.92
Northern Noumeneas Weno Mechitiw 0.570.91
Northern Noumeneas Weno Mwan 0.490.97
Northern Noumeneas Weno Neauo 0.520.91
Northern Noumeneas Weno P&P0.310.71
Northern Noumeneas Weno PiisPaneu 0.440.98
Northern Noumeneas Weno Sapuk 0.450.98
Northwest Halls Fananu 0.250.72
Northwest Halls Murilo 0.490.87
Northwest Halls Nomwin 0.410.75
Northwest Halls Ruo 0.380.86
Northwest Numon Pattiw Houk 0.260.70
Northwest Numon Pattiw Pollap 0.440.59
Northwest Numon Pattiw Polowat 0.340.86
Northwest Numon Pattiw Tamatam 0.780.94
Northwest Numon Weito Makur 0.310.94
Northwest Numon Weito Onoun 0.270.70
Northwest Numon Weito Piherarh 0.430.93
Northwest Numon Weito Unanu 0.270.88
Southen Noumeneas Fefen Inaka 0.290.91
Southen Noumeneas Fefen Kukku 0.260.99
Southen Noumeneas Fefen Messa 0.410.96
Southen Noumeneas Fefen Sapore 0.380.97
Southen Noumeneas Fefen UFO 0.360.98
Southen Noumeneas Fefen West Fefen 0.280.79
Southen Noumeneas Parem Parem 0.390.74
Southen Noumeneas Siis Siis 0.271.00
Southen Noumeneas Tonoas Kuchuwa 0.350.82
Southen Noumeneas Tonoas Nechap 0.300.95
Southen Noumeneas Tonoas Nukuno 0.470.82
Southen Noumeneas Tonoas Sino Mel 0.360.94
Southen Noumeneas Uman Kuchu 0.280.87
Southen Noumeneas Uman Panitiw 0.410.98
Southen Noumeneas Uman Sapota SN0.380.75