MS 150 Statistics Spring 2000 Quiz Eleven: Sect 9.4

Open book quiz!  Use the formulas, tables, and figures in your book.

The population mean TOEFL average on the Spring 2001 COMFSM entrance examination was  m = 437 for all schools in Micronesia. 

A sample of  n = 9 students at Bethania High School in Palau had a sample mean of xbar.gif (842 bytes)  = 474 with a sample standard deviation of s = 69.  At a significance level alpha of a' = 0.075, is the Bethania High School average statistically significantly higher than the overall   average for all schools in Micronesia?   Note that n<30 and that our rate of a type one error is a' = 0.075, or 7.5%

  1. What is Ho?  m = ______

  2. What is H1? m > ______

  3. What is alpha?  a' = _______

  4. Is this a one-tailed or a two-tailed test? ___________

  5. How many degrees of freedom are there? ________

  6. What is the tc critical value for that alpha from Table 6 on page A8?

    tc = __________
  7. Calculate the t-statistic for the data.
    xbartot.gif (1028 bytes)

    t-statistic = ____________

  8. Make a sketch of the student's t-distribution curve including the critical value for t, the critical area, and the t-statistic.

  9. Do we reject Ho or do we fail to reject Ho?

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