MS 150 Statistics Schedule Calendar of topics for statistics Monday Pac Pol Wednesday Friday FSM Stat Unit 12 Jan scale, radar, tape msr Data gathering handout Social media survey Text Body comp handout Obese 10 bmi ~genetic injury high lazy diabetic 1.1 Trms 1.2 Rand 1.3 Design Levels Social media data 19 Jan Body Cars Pillars 2.1 Measures of Middle 2.2 Measures of Variation Quartiles Box plots and whiskers 022 quiz one Actual quiz in Schoology 26 Jan Standard deviation 2.3 Variables 2.4 z-scores 3.1 Charts 3.2 Nominal Hist Flickr FavColor Baby names! Local s93 032 quiz two Dance airport In Schoology 02 Feb Early warning 3.3 Ratio Hist & Freq Dist 3.3 Ratio Hist & Freq Dist 3.4 Distribution shape 034 Test one 09 Feb Review test one Quickie xy rip data Ball drop and bounce 4.1 Best fit lines 4.2 Slope & Intercept 042 swamp exc quiz three 16 Feb 4.3 Strength 4.4 Correl Coef Det BFI vs HR diff xls Correlation or Causation? Worksheet xkcd Comet 13 Corr Cause Cliche? 044 BFI HR quiz four Schoology 23 Feb 5.1 Probability:Equally likely outcomes 5.3 Relative frequency Histogram choices Number of children 053 t02 midterm Skipjack 02 Mar Review midterm Lost USB & Docs OneDrive Amazon SpiderOak 7.1 Normal distribution Pennies 7.2 Shape of randomness 7.3 Normal curve Erasers and marbles 09 Mar FiboBelly 8.1 Sampling dist of mean 8.2 Standard error 9.1 Point estimates 9.12 Intro to conf intervals 0912 quiz Staff development 16 Mar Paper aircaft data 9.2 Confidence interval using student's t-dist 10.1 CI hypothesis test Sound & light Heart rate test three 101 sound speed 23 Mar 10.2 Hypothesis testing I & II slide 10.3 P-value 27 March 103 test 03 Long run 30 Mar COM-FSM Founding Day Easter break Good Friday 06 Apr Review test three Barefoot day two 11.1 Paired t-test TTEST function 13 April 11.2 T-test for two independent samples Open data exploration Questions approach O'Hare Narita Open data exploration Chuuk schools 20 Apr Open Data Exploration Variables analysis Open data exploration Cynodon-Zoysia 27 Apr ODX tools approach Nitrogen Quiz option 04 May Last day class StatLib StatLib DASL FlowingData Google data [Finals] Many eyes Ngram Real climate Air pollution data WHO Straight stats • Fusion Statsci data sets US UN flow CDC IMF Gpde Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 04 May Last day of class Statistics done wrong 05 May MS 150 8:00 sxn 8:00 final exam 06 May MS 150 10:00 sxn 10:05 final exam 07 May MS 150 9:00 sxn 8:00 final exam