Statistics Quiz 03 Fall 2003 3.3

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Use the following data for the quiz. The x data is in the second column and the y data is in the third column. Use Excel to perform your calculations. The data refers to World Heritage Sites, sites of immense cultural and historic importance. Nan Madol and the Lelu ruins are sites of such importance.

Number of Countries by Region versus Percent with World Heritage Site
RegionCountries (x)Percent with World Heritage Sites (y)
North America2100
Latin America3262.5
  1. __________ What is the slope of the best fit linear trendline?
  2. __________ What is the intercept of the best fit linear trendline?
  3. __________ What is the correlation coefficient r for the best fit linear trendline?
  4. __________ What is the coefficient of determination for the best fit linear trendline?
  5. __________ If a continent had 20 countries, use the trendline equation to predict the number of World Heritage Sites?
  6. __________ If 65 percent of the countries on a continent have World Heritage Sites, how many countries would we predict that continent to have?
  7. __________ Are World Heritage Sites distributed evenly according to the number of countries in each continental region?