se3 t3 ☙ Name: White squirrel Brevard NC November 2007 Elaphe for inclusion in Eastern Grey Squirrel article Wikipedia

Blue Ridge Community College12
Brevard College22
Davidson River Trail8
Holiday Inn Express2
Reserve Road2
Skye Drive4
Water Oak Suites16
Transylvania county courthouse18
Walmart Pisgah Forest0

Brevard, North Carolina, is home to an unusual subspecies of the eastern grey squirrel, a variety that is white with a black head patch, black eyes, and a black streak down the back. The town is very proud of their unusual white squirrels, and during my visit I had the pleasure of getting to see a pair of white squirrels. The data is fabricated data, actual sector counts are difficult if not impossible to obtain. Use the count of white squirrels data column to answer the following questions.

  1. n = _________ Determine the sample size n for the data.
  2. x = _________ Calculate the sample mean x.
  3. sx = _________ Determine the sample standard deviation sx.
  4. SE = _________ Calculate the standard error of the mean.
  5. df = _________ Calculate the number of degrees of freedom.
  6. tc = _________ Calculate tcritical using a confidence level c of 95%
  7. E = _________ Calculate the margin of error for the mean E.
  8. p(__________ ≤ μ ≤ __________) = 0.95 Calculate the 95% confidence interval for the population mean μ.
    The mean sector count twenty years ago was four squirrels per sector. Has the mean number of squirrels improved? At a risk of a type I error alpha α = 0.05, run a hypothesis test with a null hypothesis of H0: μ = 4, an alternate hypothesis that H1: μ ≠ 4
  9. tc = ____________________ Calculate tcritical
  10. t = ____________________ Calculate the t-statistic t
  11. p-value = ____________________ Use =tdist(abs(t),n−1,2) to calculate the p-value.
  12. ____________________ Is the sample mean x significantly different from the population mean μ twenty years ago of 4 at an alpha α of 0.05?
  13. _____________________ At an alpha α of 5%, would you fail to reject |or| reject the null hypothesis?
  14. _____________________ Based on the above analysis, are the numbers of white squirrels significantly increased over their past numbers?