Temperature/°C CO2 bubbles/minute
19 0.6
28 2.9
29 4.3
34 15.7
39 21.3
5 Find the sample size n.
29 Find the median.
None Find the mode.
29.8 Find the sample mean.
7.46 Find the sample standard deviation.
0.25 Find the sample coefficient of variation CV.
1.1075 Slope?
-24.0447 Calculate the y-intercept for the data.
positive Is the correlation positive, negative, or neutral?
0.9156 Determine the correlation coefficient
high Is the correlation none, low, moderate, high, or perfect?
0.8383 Determine the coefficient of determination.
83.83% What % in the variation in temperature explains the variation bubble rate?
Yes. Good predictor?
Increases Does yeast respiration inc or dec with increasing temperature?
2.54 what would be the predicted bubble rate at 24°C?
30.74 Predicted temperature for a bubble rate of 10 bubbles per minute?
Beyond data. Predicted bubble rate at 100°C?