Quicky Quiz 1

A survey is given to 30 students at the national campus to determine whether national campus students prefer that a track or baseball field be built first.

  1. What is the population?

  2. What is the sample?

  3. Which do you prefer be built first?

  4. Grading systems such as A, B, C, D, and F are an example of what level of measurement?

  5. Distance measured in kilometers is an example of what level of measurement?

The number of siblings for the students in MS 150 Statistics Spring 2001 was given by the following data set:

Use this data for the rest of the questions.

  1. Divide the data into the 4 classes (intervals, bins) given. 
    Intervals Frequency
    0 - 3
    4 - 6
    7 - 9
    10 - 12

  2. Calculate the frequency of the data in the table above.  Include the class upper limit in the class.

  3. Sketch a histogram of the data on this paper.

  4. Find the mode of the data

  5. Find the median of the data

  6. Find the average of the data

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