MS 150 Statistics Summer 2001 Quiz 2

  1. At the national campus the distribution of grades for pre-nursing majors in courses from 1995 to present is given in the table below. The second row of the table can be read in the following manner: "89 grades of A were awarded to pre-nursing majors between Spring 1995 and Fall 2000." 
    1. Calculate the relative frequencies in the table below:
      Class(Intervals) Frequency Relative Frequency
      A 89
      B 238
      C 344
      D 204
      F or W 354




    2. What is the probability of a nursing student obtaining a grade of C?  That is, what is P(C)?
  2. What is the probability of rolling a 5 on a six-sided die?
  3. If the probability of an event A is 0.35, what is the complement of this event?
Number of Females (F) Number of Males (M)
Students who prefer chicken for lunch (C) 15 10 ____
Students who prefer reef fish for lunch (R) 20 15 ____
Students who prefer pork stew for lunch (S) 10 15 ____
Students who prefer hamburger and french fries for lunch (H) 5 10 ____
________ _________ ____
    1. For the table above, determine the probability that a randomly chosen student will prefer chicken for lunch. 
    2. Determine P(C)
    3. Determine P(M)
    4. Determine P(C and M)
    5. Determine P(C or M)
    6. Determine P(M, given C)
    7. Determine P(H, given R)
    8. What is your gender and which do you prefer for lunch?