MS 150 Statistics Spring 2004 Quiz 7 • Name:

On the November run of the college entrance test, Pohnpei Islands Central Schools had a mean score of = 444 with a standard deviation of s = 56 on the English section for the 457 PICS students who took the entrance test. The English section scores were normally distributed.

  1. n = __________ What is the sample size n?
  2. = __________ What is the mean ?
  3. s = __________ What is the standard deviation s?
  4. z = __________ Use the formula z = standardize (1K) to convert x = 500 to a z value.
  5. __________ What percent of the PICS students scored 500 or higher on the English section? A score of 500 or higher represents a student functioning at the college level in English.
  6. __________ Use the percentage calculated in the previous question and the sample size above to determine how many students scored 500 or higher on the English section. This is the number of students at PICS who have attained a college level in English.

normal (3K)