Course Outlines

Course outlines for all courses taught at the College may be obtained from the Vice President of Instructional Affairs, Division Chairpersons or from this site.

College policy requires instructors to follow the outlines and should have a copy of the most recent course outline for each course to be taught.

All outlines updated as of January 2020.

A two or three-letter prefix indicates the course subject area



Course Number and Title
AC 131 Accounting I
AC 220 Accounting II
AC 250 Managerial Accounting
AC 320 Intermediate Accounting I
AC 321 Intermediate Accounting II
AC 325 Cost Accounting
AC 330 Taxation
AC 335 Government and Non-Profit Accounting
AC 370 Accounting Internship

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Course Number and Title
AG 084 Basic Crop Production
AG 086 Micropropagation and Nursery Practice
AG 088 Landscaping
AG 090 Principles of Food Processing
AG 101 Introduction to Agriculture
AG 092: Swine and Poultry Production
AG 094 Farm Management and Marketing
AG 096 Field Internship
AG 110 Crop Production w/ Lab
AG 140 Principles of Animal Production w/ Lab
AG 290 Farm Project Management
AG 299 Directed Field Experience

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Course Number and Title
AR 101 Introduction to Art

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Course Number and Title
BA 110 Contemporary Business
BA 210 Business Law
BA 211 Business Communications
BA 230 Principles of Financial Accounting
BA 231 Principles of Managerial Accounting
BA 240 Human Resource Management
BA 260 Fundamentals of Management
BA 270 Principles of Marketing
BA 320 Applied Statistics for Business and Economics
BA 321 Managerial Economics
BA 330 Intermediate Accounting
BA 360 Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
BA 411 Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
BA 412 Internship
BA 430 Taxation
BA 431 Accounting Information Systems
BA 460 Project Management
BA 462 Business Strategy & Policy

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Course Number and Title
BK 095 Bookkeeping I
BK 096 Bookkeeping II

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Course Number and Title
BU 095 Filing, Office Procedures
BU 097 Introduction to Entrepreneurship
BU 098 Business Math
BU 099b Office Management
BU 100 Practicum
BU 101 Introduction to Business
BU/MS 110 Business Mathematics
BU 250 Principles of Finance
BU 260 Fundamentals of Management
BU 270 Principles of Marketing
BU 271 Business Law
BU/MS 310 Applied Statistics

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Course Number and Title
CA 095 Basic Computer Application
CA 100 Computer Literacy
CA 100s Computer Literacy for Secretaries
CA 101s Computer Applications for Secretaries
CA 105 Data Analysis Using Spreadsheets

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Course Number and Title
CE 102 Electrical Drawing and Sketching
CE 111 Electrical Wiring I
CE 112 Electrical Wiring II (Workshop)
CE 104 Basic Electricity II
CE 110 Workshop Practices
CE 110 Workshop Practices
CE 121 Workplace Health and Safety

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Course Number and Title
CHS 232 Non Communicable/Communicable Disease
CHS 240 Maternal and Child Health II
CHS 244 Dispensary Management

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Course Number and Title
EC 220 Microeconomics
EC 230 Macroeconomics
EC 320 Economic Development

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Course Number and Title
ED 110 Introduction to Professional Teaching
SC/ED 210 Science for Teachers
ED 211 Classroom Methods
ED 213 Multi-Grade Classroom Teaching
ED 215 Introduction to Exceptional Children
ED 225 Differentiated Instruction
ED 271 Visual Arts and Technology in the Classroom
ED 292 Practicum and Seminar
ED 301a Bilingual Language Arts Methods
ED 301b Reading Methods
ED 302 Social Studies Methods
ED 303 Math Methods
ED 304 Science Methods
ED 305 Children's Literature and Drama
ED 330 Classroom Management
ED 338 Teaching Students with Special Needs in the Regular Classroom.
ED 392 Practicum and Seminar
ED 414:Assessment and Diagnosis of Students with Special Needs
ED 415 Methods of Teaching Students with Special Needs
ED 434 Handling Behavior Problems: Strategies for Classroom Teachers
ED 489 Testing and Evaluation of Student Learning
ED 492 Student Teaching
ED 498 Internship

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Course Number and Title
EN 110 Advanced Reading
EN 120a Expository Writing I
EN 120b Expository Writing II
EN 123 Technical Communication
EN 201 Introduction to Literature
EN 203 Introduction to Drama
EN/CO 205 Speech Communication
EN 205 (Literature of the Sea)
EN 208 Introduction to Philosophy
EN 209 Introduction to Religion
EN 220 Writing for Teachers
EN 351 Performing Arts for the Elementary Classroom

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Course Number and Title
ESL 050 Technical English
ESL 088 English Reading IV
ESL 089 Reading V
ESL/BU 095 ESL for Business Purposes I
ESL/BU 096 ESL for Business Purposes II
ESL 091 ACE English I
ESL 092 ACE English II
ESL 098 English Writing IV
ESL 099 English Writing V

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Course Number and Title
ESS101b Badminton
ESS 101r Resistance Training
ESS 101w Walking for Health and Fitness
ESS 102b Fundamentals of Basketball
ESS 102f Fundamentals of Soccer
ESS102tt Table Tennis
ESS 102s Sports Fitness: Fundamentals of Softball
ESS 102v Volleyball
ESS 102ws Open Water SCUBA Diver
ESS103r Exercise and Sports Science
ESS 200 Fundamentals of Wellness

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Course Number and Title
FIN 315 Corporate Finance

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Course Number and Title
FL 101 Japanese I
FL 102 Japanese II
FL 120 Basic Japanese Language for HRM
FL 160 Japanese for Hospitality Management


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Course Number and Title
FT 110 Basic Fishing Knowledge
FT 120 Practical Long-line Fishing
FT 130 Fishing Gear Design and Machinery Operation
FT 140 Marine Resource Managements and Financial Management

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Course Number and Title
HTM 110 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 120 Introduction to World Tourism
HTM 150 Hospitality Supervision
HTM 165 Food Fundamentals and Quantity Cooking
HTM 170 Front Office Management
HTM 220 Food and Beverage Management
HTM 230 Hospitality Marketing
HTM 250 Facilities Management and Practicum

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Course Number and Title
IS 201 Computer Information Systems
IS 220 Computer Programming
IS 230 Database Design
IS 240 Webpage Design
IS/MM 245 Desktop Publishing
IS 260 Business Information Systems
IS 270 Geographic Information Systems
IS 280 Introduction to Networking
IS 350 Business Analytics
IS 351 Management Information Systems

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Course Name and Title
LAW 200 Legal Research and Writing
LAW 210 Criminal Procedures
LAW 236 Civil and Appellate Procedures

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Course Number and Title
MAS 200 First Aid at Sea
MAS 201 Proficiency in Survival Craft
MAS 202 Advanced Fire Prevention & Control
MAS 203 Shipboard Security Awareness


Course Number and Title
MBS 089 Sea Survival Technique
MBS 090 Basic Fire Prevention and Control
MBS 091 Basic First Aid
MBS 092 Occupational Health and Safety & Social Responsibility
MBS 093 Social Responsibility

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Course Number and Title
MGT 320 Organizational Behavior
MGT 350 International Business
MGT 360 Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management

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Course Number and Title
MKT 311 Marketing Strategy


Course Number and Title
MME 140 Engineering Knowledge I
MME 145 Basic Arc Welding
MME 210 Advanced Arc Welding
MME 230 Applied Mathematics
MME 231 Engineering Knowledge II


Course Number and Title

MNV 130 Nautical Knowledge I
MNV 131 Basic Radar Operation
MNV 132 Radiotelephony
MNV 220 Small Vessel Stability
MNV 221 Nautical Knowledge II
MNV 222 Navigation and Position Determination
MNV 223 Vessel Construction and Machinery
MNV 224 Maritime Distress and Safety System
MNV 225 Advanced Radar

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Course Number and Title
MR 120 Marine Biology
MR 201 Aquaculture w/Lab
MR 240 Oceanography w/ Lab
MR 250 Fishery Biology and Management
MR 254 Marine Biology Field Studies

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Course Number and Title
MS 091 ACE Math I
MS 092 ACE Math II
MS 094 Introduction to Technical Math
MS 096 Elementary Algebra
MS 099 Intermediate Algebra
MS 100 College Algebra
MS 101 Algebra & Trigonometry
MS 104 Technical Mathematics I
MS 106 Technical Mathematics II
MS 150 Statistics
MS 152 Calculus I
BU/MS 310 Applied Statistics
MS/ED 210 Math for Teachers

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Course Number and Title
MU 101 Introduction to Music


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Course Number and Title
MWD 100 Shipboard Terminology
MWD 101 Basic Bridge Procedures
MWD 102 Basic Seamanship
MWD 105 Basic Machinery Systems


Course Number and Title
NU 100 Medical Terminology
NU 101 Nursing Assistant Practice
NU 121 Study and Test Taking in Nursing I
NU 122 Math Skills in Nursing I
NU 123 Writing Research in Nursing Lab
NU 125 Health Promotion in Nursing
NU 131 Study & Test-Taking Skills II
NU 132 Math Skills in Nursing II
NU 133 Pharmacology
NU 134 Pathophysiology
NU 135 Nursing in Health & Illness I
NU 145 Practical Nurse Leadership in Clinical Practice
NU 221 Study & Test-Taking Skills III
NU 222 Math Skills for Nursing III
NU 225 Health and Illness in Nursing II
NU 231 Study & Test-Taking Skills IV
NU 235 Health and Illness in Nursing III
NU 245 Leadership in Clinical Practice Capstone

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Course Number and Title
PH 051 Introduction to Information Systems for Health Managers
PH 052 Essential Pubic Health Functions and Primary Health Care
PH 053 Practicum Placement in a Public Health Service
PH 109 Mathematics for Health Sciences
PH 111 Introduction to Basic Epidemiology and Biostatistics
PH 112 Introduction to Epi-Info and Computing for Public Health
PH 121 Environmental Prevention Control of Disease
PH 131 Food and Nutrition in the Life Cycle
PH 141 Principles of Health Promotion
PH 151 Introo Pacific Health Care Systems & Traditional Medicine
PH 152 Practical Health Services Management
PH 211 Health Research Methodology
PH 212 Surveillance, Identification and Management of an Outbreak
PH 221 Occupational Health and Safety
PH 231 Nutrition and Lifestyle Diseases
PH 241 Case Studies and Special Issues in Health Promotion
PH 251 Management of Health Information Systems and Epidemiology
PH 311 Introduction to Clinical Epidemiology
PH 312 Research Methods for Health Services Management
PH 314 Public Health Surveillance and Management of Health Information Systems
PH 316a Research Project in Applied Epidemiology and Health Research
PH 316b Research Project in Applied Epidemiology and Health Research
PH 321 Food Handling, Microbiology and Hygiene
PH 334 Community Nutrition
PH 343 Settings Approach and Healthy Public Policy in Health Promotion
PH 351 Health Care Management and Systems in the Pacific and Micronesia
PH 365a Placement in a Public Health Practicing Facility
PH 365b Placement in a Public Health Practicing Facility

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Course Number and Title
PY 201 Human Growth and Development
PY 300 Education Psychology


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Course Number and Title
SC 098 Survey of Science
SC 101 Health Science
SC 111 Environmental Studies
SC 112 Human Nutrition
SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany
SC 117 Tropical Pacific Island Environments w/ Lab
SC 120 Biology w/ Lab
SC 122a Anatomy & Physiology I
SC 122b Anatomy & Physiology II
SC 130 Physical Science w/lab
SC 180 Microbiology
SC/ED 210 Science For Teachers
SC 220 Introduction to Geology
SC 230 Chemistry w/lab
SC 250 Botany
SC 255 General Zoology with lab

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Course Number and Title
SS 100 World of Work
SS 101 Introduction to Political Science
SS/PY 101 General Psychology
SS 111 Cultural Anthropology
SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany
SS 120 Introduction to Geography
SS 125 Geography of the Pacific
SS 130 Introduction to Sociology
SS 150 History of Micronesia
SS 170 World History I
SS 171 World History II
SS 195 Micronesian Cultural Studies
SS 200 Research Methods
SS 205 Micronesian Government
SS 212 Economy of Micronesia
SS 220 Contemporary Issues in Micronesia
SS 240 East Asian History
SS 280 Directed Study: Selected Topics

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Course Number and Title
VAE 103 Blueprint Sketching and Interpretation



Course Number and Title
VBM 101 Building Maintenance 1
VBM 102 Building Maintenance II
VBM 103 Building Maintenance III
VBM 104 Building Maintenance IV

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Course Number and Title
VCE 195 Construction Procedures

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Course Number and Title
VCF 104 Introduction to Cabinet Making/Furniture Making
VCF 106 Plan Reading and Documentation
VCF 110 Domestic Construction
VCF 114 Commercial Construction
VCF 120 Workshop Administration
VCF 124 Maintenance and Safe Use of Static Machines, Power Tools and Equipment
VCF 132 Surface Preparation and Finishing Techniques

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Course Number and Title
VCT 153 Introduction to Carpentry
VCT 154 Introduction to Masonry
VCT 163 Concrete Form Construction
VCT 173 Rough Framing and Exterior Finishing
VCT 183 Finishing and Trim Work

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Course Number and Title
VEE 100 Soldering and Mechanical Termination Techniques
VEE 103 Electronic Fundamentals I
VEE 104 Electronic Fundamentals II
VEE 110 Discrete Devices I
VEE 125 Electronic Circuits
VEE 135 Digital Electronics I
VEE 222 Discrete Devices II
VEE 223 PC Hardware and Software
VEE 224 Video System and Products
VEE 225 Business Machine Servicing
VEE 230 Radio Communications
VEE 235 Digital Electronics II
VEE 240 Signal Processing
VEE 250 Cooperative Education Program
VEE 266 Rotating Machinery

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Course Number and Title
VEM 102 Electrical Electronic/Drawing and Sketching
VEM 103 Basic Electricity I
VEM 104 Basic Electricity II
VEM 105 Basic Electricity for A/C and Refrigerator Mechanics
VEM 110 Workshop Fabrication/Hand and Power Tool Skills
VEM 111 Electrical Wiring I (residential theory)
VEM 112 Electrical Wiring II
VEM 113 Refrigeration I
VEM 114 Refrigeration II
VEM/NEC 212 National Electrical Code
VEM 240 Industrial Wiring
RAC 101: Refrigerator I
RAC 102: Air Conditioning I
RAC 150: Cooperative Education

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Course Number and Title
VSM 101 Introduction to Small Engine Repair
VSM 102 Fuel, Lubrication, Carburetor, & Ignition
VSM 103 Engine Dismantling, Inspection & Assembly
VSM 104 Starters, Engine Maintenance & Troubleshooting

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Course Number and Title
VSP 121 Industrial Safety Electrical/Electronic
VSP 153a Industrial Safety

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Course Number and Title
VTE 260 Microwave
VTE 261 Fiber Optics Installation
VTE 265 Fiber Optics
VTE 270 Telecommunications Systems
VTE 280 Telephone Systems
VTE 281 Cellular Phone Servicing

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Course Number and Title
VTM 101 Introduction to Motor Vehicle Mechanics
VTM 102 Fuel, Engine Cooling, & Standard Power Train Systems
VTM 103 Ignition, Electrical, and Transmission Systems
VTM 104 Brakes, Steering, Suspension, and Wheel Alignment
VTM 150 Cooperative Education

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Course Number and Title
VWE 115 General Welding

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