Student Services

Board Policy No. Title Related Administrative Procedure No.
BP4000 General Admission AP4000
BP4001 Dual Enrollment for High School Students AP4001
BP4002 Early Admission AP4002
BP4003 Unclassified Students AP4000
BP4004 Open Admission for Non-Credit Courses
BP4005 Identification of Students  
BP4100 COMET Entrance Criteria AP4100
BP4200 Admission Requirement AP4200
BP4201 Special Consideration AP4201
BP4202 Admission to Associate Programs AP4202
BP4203 Admission to Third-Year Certificate of Achievement Program in Accounting or General Business AP4203
BP4204 Admission to Third-Year Certificate of Achievement Program in Teacher Preparation-Elementary AP4204
BP4205 Admission to Third-Year Certificate of Achievement Program in Public Health AP4205
BP4206 Admission to Certificate of Achievement Programs AP4000
BP4207 Admission to Second Degree AP4207
BP4208 Transfer Students and Tranfer Credit AP4000
BP4209 Readmission AP4209
BP4210 Admission to Fourth-Year Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education
BP4300 Registration Policy AP4300
BP4320 Adding or Dropping Courses AP4320
BP4330 Course Withdrawal Policy AP4330
BP4335 Withdrawing All Courses AP4335
BP4403 Classification and Identification of Students
BP4406 Auditing Courses AP4406
BP4407 Change of Major and/or IDP AP4407
BP4500 Early Warning Deficiency Notices AP4302
BP4501 Mid-Term Deficiency Notices AP4302
BP4502 Final Grade Report AP4300
BP4707 Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
BP4708 Appeal of Financial Aid Suspension
BP4800 Student Education Records
BP4810 US Veterans Educational Benefits-School Compliance Policy
BP4802 Transcript Policy AP4802
BP4902 Student Clubs
BP4903 Student Complaint Policy
BP4904 Chewing Betel Nut and/or Tobacco Use
BP4905 Alcohol
BP4906 Illicit Drug
BP4907 Deadly Weapons or Dangerous Devices
BP4909 Violence and Threats of Violence, Including Accessory to Violence
BP4913 Special Admissions to Associate Programs AP4913
BP4914 Sexual Misconduct Policy for Students

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