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The Department of Student Services' mission is to promote student development and leadership by providing quality programs and services that fulfill the diverse educational, recreational, social, and multicultural needs of the student population and the college community.

Residence Halls Mission

To provide a comfortable, safe, well-maintained and enjoyable living environment that fosters respect for self and others and supports the academic and social goals of resident students. It is our aim to accomplish this mission through outstanding customer service and professional facilities management


COM-FSM national campus has two residence halls and can accommodate 104 students in each hall. There are 25 quad rooms, 2 double rooms in each hall. The residence rooms include the following articles, which may not be removed for any reason: bunked beds and individual student wooden lockers.

As a resident you have the right to live in an environment with safety features. Among other things, this includes having appropriate fire warning systems and properly working fire safety equipment in the residence hall. You are responsible for not engaging in behavior that compromises the safety of others and for not damaging or tampering with fire safety equipment.

  • Residence halls are within walking distance to classrooms, dining hall recreational facilities, administrative building etc.
  • Rooms are available on a space-available basis to full-time students.
  • Students are required to pay a $50.00 deposit fee before moving in.

Amenities in the Residence Hall

  • High speed internet access
  • Furnished accommodations for both men and women
    1. Included: Single bed mattress, wooden bunked bed and wooden closet.
    2. Each student must bring their own pillow, pillow cases, blanket, and bed sheets.
  • The following items are provided in each residence hall:
    Kitchen/Microwave, drinking water dispenser, coffee maker,
    refrigerator, washers and dryers.
  • Regular housekeeping
  • Maintenance support and 24/7 residence halls support.
  • Special activities and events for residents
  • Resident Assistant staff
  • Computer Lab.with high-speed internet connection.

PROHIBITED ITEMS inside rooms:

  • Hot Plate
  • Toasters
  • Rice cookers
  • Coffee makers
  • All other heating and cooking appliances
  • Alcohol
  • Loud stereo speakers
  • Microwave
  • Pets of any kind
  • Flammable/ combustible materials
  • Heating lamps
  • Weapons/ Firearms including knives and machetes
  • Candles
  • Incense burners
  • Any other things that produce heat or fire

(Please see your Residence Hall Contract for official information about placement of items in your room or other expectations related to safety.)

Guidelines in Accepting Resident Students

  1. The Office of the Vice-President for Enrollment Management and Student Services shall prepare the list of admitted students and provide a copy to and Residence Halls coordinator.
  2. The Office of Admission and Records shall prepare the list of transfer students provided by State Campuses, and provide a copy to Coordinator of the Residence halls.
  3. Coordinator of the Residence Halls shall use lists 1 and 2 as the basis in accepting new residence halls students on temporary status. Likewise, Coordinator of the residence halls shall accept all returning students on temporary status.
  4. Registration forms including fifty dollars ($50.00) deposit fee are required for all new resident moving in the residence halls. Coordinator of the residence halls must verify if the student moving in have 12 credits or full-time students in compliance with the College’s residence halls procedures and protocols
  5. Residence Halls staff should continuously check the students load up to the last day to add/drop courses.
  6. Students who are not registered for the current semester shall not be allowed to stay in the residence halls.
  7. If there are residence students who could not present their registration forms or verify credit load, Coordinator of the residence halls shall email the names of students to the office of Admission and records no later than the next working day after the add/drop courses.
  8. Residence halls shall prepare the final list of resident students who were enrolled and have paid the residence hall deposit fee a week after the after the add/drop courses. A copy of the list shall be provided to the business office.
  9. Coordinator of the residence halls shall verify names of residence hall students against list no. 8.
  10. If there are discrepancies between steps 8 and 9, reconciliation shall be handled by Business Office and Coordinator of the residence halls.

Residence Hall Application forms and needed documents:


  • WHAT TO BRING checklist:
    1. Linens
    2. Mattress cover
    3. Pillows
    4. Pillow case
    5. Towels
    6. Clothes hangers
    7. Surge protector
  • Things to leave home checklist:
    1. Hot Plate
    2. Toasters
    3. Rice cookers
    4. Coffee makers
    5. All other heating and cooking appliances
    6. Alcohol
    7. Loud stereo speakers
    8. Microwave
    9. Pets of any kind
    10. Flammable/ combustible materials
    11. Heating lamps
    12. Weapons/ Firearms including knives and machetes
    13. Candles
    14. Incense burners
    15. Any other things that produces fire


Residents can check in to their room by reporting to their assigned hall on the designated date, at the designated time. At check-in, residents get their keys to open their room and other appropriate rooms. They will also review a Room Condition Report (RCR) on which the furnishings and condition of the room are noted. Residents should check this information closely for accuracy. Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of a staff on duty before signing the RCR. This same sheet will be used at check-out to determine deficiencies in the room’s furnishings and/or condition

Failure to pay proper attention to check-in conditions may result in being fined for pre- semester damage. Damages occurring after check-in should be reported to residence halls staff as soon as possible.


Due to specific schedule to moving in, it is rarely ever possible to check in earlier than the date and time stated. Therefore, early arrivals need to make reservations in advance.


When residents move out of a room or leave at the conclusion of a semester,or resident has decided to move out due to personal reasons or has been issued an eviction from the college administratormust check out with a member of the residence hall staff. Residents are responsible for leaving the room in the condition it was in when they checked in. This includes cleaning the room and removing all trash. Students may be fined for improper checkout.

The staff will inspect each room and charges will be assessed for any damages, missing furnishings, or a room that is not clean. If any damage occurs during the course of occupancy, the resident should notify any staff on duty. Residents must also provide information regarding who is responsible for damage. If residents do not provide this information prior to leaving, they may be billed a pro-rate share of the damage assessment.

This checklist will ensure that you are completing each necessary step in the resident move-out process and the security deposit returned.

Below is a checklist of areas expected to be cleaned before you and your roommate check out on or before.

Day of move-out checklist:

  • Remove all trash and recycling from your room and place in designated locations; do not leave trash in hallways or other public areas (charges may be added to your account)
  • Restore your room to its initial condition at check-in
  • Be sure all residence hall furnishings are accounted for and left in the room (this includes: mattress pad, trash can and recycle bin)
  • Remove all personal belongings (double check all the drawers)
  • Vacuum or sweep the floor, including underneath the beds
  • Complete your check out

Be sure to surrender your key during the check out and turn them in at residence hall staff office


If room damage/s was not noted on your room condition report at the time of your check-in, it is considered your liability, and you will be charged for it, unless you can prove otherwise. Any charges for damage/s in a common area will be divided equally among all students in the floor, hall, or building. Additional cleaning and damage charges may be assessed after check out. (Please review the check-out procedures carefully and try to talk to your roommate to work out a fair cleaning arrangement.)



  1. Jake Une
  2. Rickson Barnabas
  3. Alson Joseph
  4. Clayton Joseph- Special contract
  5. Andonio Harris- Special Contract

320-2480 EXT. 219
DIRECT LINE: 320-2445

Marlou Gorospe
Coordinator, Residence Hall
Ext. 203


  1. Brittlyn Eliou
  2. Jackleen Julius- Special contract
  3. Carlyne Route- Special Contract
  4. Beautiana Manuel- Special contract
  5. Vacant

320-2480 EXT. 199
DIRECT LINE: 320-4688

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