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College Mission

The College of Micronesia-FSM is a learner-centered institution of higher education that is committed to the success of the Federated States of Micronesia by providing academic, career and technical educational programs characterized by continuous improvement and best practices.

Department of EMSS Mission

The Department of Student Services' mission is to promote student development and leadership by providing quality programs and services that fulfill the diverse educational, recreational, social, and multicultural needs of the student population and the college community.

Unit Mission

The Health Services of the Division of Student Life under the Department of Enrollment Management and Student Services is committed to providing essential basic and quality primary health care services to students and individuals within the College community to improve their health status and promote their quality of life using integrated care, including promotion of health, prevention of illness and restoration of health.

General Information
The College maintains an on-campus Health Service Clinic at its six campuses, staffed by a full-time registered nurse to provide essential and basic quality medical services and health education programs/activities to improve student health and success in college.

Prior to attending COM-FSM, all students are required to submit results of a complete physical exam, and a medical history Form, including required immunizations. As you plan for your first visit to the Health Service Clinic you should:

  • Bring your health form, if you have not already sent in with your admissions packet.
  • Know all medication and doses you are currently taking.
  • Know your medication allergies and sensitivities.

What services are provided at the Health Service Clinics?
Services provided include but are not limited to:

  • Basic and primary health care services with diagnoses, treatment, and consultation on most general health care needs. The clinic at the National Campus also procures and redistributes supplies to the dispensaries or clinics at the State Campuses;
  • Screening of chronic problems such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and others;
  • Administration of the seasonal influenza vaccinations and immunization updates;
  • Medical prescription fills and refills;
  • Counseling and consultation on personal and family-related problems, family planning and reproductive health including screening and testing for pregnancy as well as administration of contraceptive methods;
  • Counseling and screening for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs);
  • Health maintenance and prophylaxis;
  • Information, education and communication (IEC) materials and/or health education references/materials on diseases and health issues;
  • On-campus health education, awareness and well-being programs/activities;
  • A special Women Wellness Clinic established for women’s specific health problems at National Campus;
  • Medical Referrals.

Health Education Programs/Activities
Learning about individual health is part of students’ college experience and knowing the facts is the first step in leading a healthy lifestyle. In addition to providing medical services, the Health Service Clinics also provide health awareness activities on a wide range of health issues/problems. The Health Service Clinic at the National Campus plans and organizes activities for the Health Fair, the World Diabetes Day, the World Aids Day, the World TB and Leprosy Day and others. Free health literatures/references are also available in the Health Service Clinic.

Who is Eligible for Services provided by the Health Service Clinics?
All registered COM-FSM students who have paid the mandatory student health fee at the time of registration are eligible for services. In addition, college faculty and staff are also eligible for services.

Student Health Service Fee
The Health Service clinics are supported by the mandatory student health fee. Students must pay the $15.00 student health fee per semester to receive services.

How Can a Student be seen at the Health Service Clinics?
All the Health Service Clinics are on a walk-in basis. Students are seen on a first come first serve basis. However, there may be times that a student is seen more quickly than another waiting student, depending on the severity of his/her problem.

Referrals or Seeking Medical Services at off-campus facilities
Major illnesses or medical problems that go beyond the scope of the Health Service Clinics are referred to appropriate off-campus facilities including hospitals, private clinics and others. Students who prefer to seek medical services at other off-campus facilities must provide proof of their visit to show to their professors, if the visit causes them to miss classes. It is the student's responsibility to pay the cost of medical services received from off-campus facilities, whether the student is being referred or not, including hospitalization.

Policy on Medical Excuses
The primary responsibility of Health Services is to keep students healthy and in class. The staff of Health Services believes that the main focus of the services are to teach students responsible health behaviors, to help provide treatment and symptom relief of their illnesses, and to teach health measures to prevent spread of contagious diseases to others, so that students’ absence from classes is minimal, if at all.

Since most of the illnesses and injuries seen in Health Service clinics are of an acute episodic and usually minor in nature, we allow students to make their own decisions regarding their wellness ability to attend classes and in communicating this decision to their professor (s). This is part of our effort to encourage students to learn responsible health behaviors. Certain illnesses, such as colds and flu, are best treated with appropriate self-care measures and do not necessitate a visit to the health care professional. Therefore, written excuses for missed classes are not provided by Health Services. However, if a student’s instructor insists on having the student verify an illness and the student was seen in Health Services for the illness, the nurse can provide written verification of the time and date of the visit to the student upon request.

Medical Emergencies and after regular Health Service hours:
If you're on campus and experience a medical emergency and the Health Service Clinic is closed or if you become ill after the Health Service Clinic is closed, immediately notify the Campus Security for assistance.

Hours of Operation
The Health Service clinic hours are from 8:00AM-5:00PM, Monday-Friday during the academic year. The clinics are closed on holidays.

Contact information
Benina A. Ilon
College Nurse, National Campus
(691) 320-2480 extension:195/email:

Lorlain Mikel
College Nurse, CTEC-Pohnpei
(691) 320-1065   extension: 108/email:

Marcelly Mariano
College Nurse, Chuuk Campus
(691) 330-5769/email:

Meryulyn Livaie
College Nurse, Kosrae Campus
(691) 370-3326 /email:

Juliana Waathan
College Nurse, Yap Campus/FSM Fisheries and Maritime Institute
(691) 350-2296 /email:

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