Counseling Services

The Counseling division’s mission is to encourage, support, and assist students in their pursuit of higher education by providing counseling and educational services to deal with personal, interpersonal, professional, and academic issues.

Professional counseling is available to assist students at the national campus, state campuses, and the FSM Fisheries and Maritime Institute to assist students in establishing or clarifying appropriate educational and vocational goals and to assist them with problems of academic, social or personal nature. Counselors also provide information and materials to students for career and educational planning.

General Services

  • Personal Counseling
  • Career Guidance/Counseling
  • Substance Use/Abuse Counseling
  • Scholarship Information
  • Transfer Information

Tutorial Services

The tutorial services provide tutoring and supplemental education services to students at all campuses.  Tutors are committed to developing confident and competent students with improved educational results by providing individualized learning plans that build skills, habits, and attitude for success and accomplishment of their academic and personal goals.

Tutoring is available in math, reading, writing, study skills, homework help, test prep, and more.

Contact information

The counselors can be reached at the e-mail alias: or by individual e-mail addresses listed below:

Penselynn E. Sam
Lead Counselor, National Campus
(691) 320-2480 extension 196 | email: or

Julia Martin
Counselor, National Campus
(691) 320-2480 extension 198 | email: or

Nixon Soswe
Counselor, National Campus
(691) 320-2480 extension 197 | email: or

Cindy Edwin
Counselor, CTEC-Pohnpei
(691) 320-1065 | email: or

Allentino Ruiguifmal
Student Services Coordinator, Yap Campus
(691) 350-2296 | email: or

Rufus Yaisolug
Student Services Assistant, FMI Campus
(691) 350-5244 | email: or

Eileen S. Nena
Student Services Coordinator, Kosrae Campus
(691) 370-3191 | email: or

Wilson Bisalen
Counselor, Chuuk Campus
(691) 330-2689 | email: or

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