MS 100 College Algebra

General course files

Notes on durable for life email addresses


Class work files

Minimalist SVG
SVG xy scattergraph templateSVG generating spreadsheet
Day one SVG file 02 June 2008directionsprint version
03 June 2008 svg

25 June 2008 Simple Graph SVG for use with composition spreadsheet
25 June 2008 Simple Graph SVG code
25 June 2008 Composition spreadsheet directions.odt

29 June Ball arc position assignments
30 June marble roll handout
01 July Ball arc results
Polynomial spreadsheet.xls
02 July Homework solutiongnuplot .pltmaxima.wxm
08 July 4.1 asymptotic functionsgnuplot .pltpng
09 July 4.1 asymptotic functionsjpggnuplot .plt


Test one (xhtml)ans
Test two (odt)graphs (.ods)t2a (odt).wxm
Test three (midterm) (xhtml+mathml+svg) with solutions
Test four functions and compositions.odtt4a.ods
Test five polynomials
Test six rational functions, focus and directrix for parabola
Test sevensolutions

Course support materials

Materials used by the instructor to produce handouts, homework answers, and related chaff.

Graph.ods template for graph.xhtml template
Graph.xhtml template
Section 1.4 hw .plt.odt1.4b .wxm1.4b .plt1.4c .plt1.4b .odt
20080618 XY scatter graph

Symmetric functions: Even degree functions with x=0 axis of symmetry
Symmetric functions part two

Many files are in OpenDocument formats and were created using OpenOffice 2.0, 2.4, 2.4.1, and 3.0 Beta. A few are Gnuplot plot files. Other formats such as Excel and portable network graphic files are present as well. Outside of the A204 division of natural sciences and mathematics computer laboratory only the .pdf and .html files can be opened. There are two computers in the math science division conference room which also have the ability to open documents.

File types key

Material below the line is old material from summer 2007 as of 19 May 2008


Prequiz as PDF.odt
Test one as PDFhtml.odt
Assessment summary of prequiz and test one
Test two odt.plt.pdft2pslos.png
Midtermmx.wxmmx_parabola.pltmidterm .pdf midterm ans .odtmxa.pltmxa2.plt
final exam .odtspreadsheet for image.wxmpdf

Homework and Coursework related materials

Graphing parabolas with integer roots and a lead coefficient of ± 1
Marble roll handout PDFOriginal .odg.png
Using Qalculate! to graph a quadratic: The marble roll activity as html
Graphing quadratic integer roots.odt
integer parabola 2nl
marble roll pdfmarble.plt
Imaginary roots as reflection .plt
HW 06/14 .pltHW 6.14 .odt
Parallel lines .pltGraph analysis .plt
HW Chap 2 Sect 4 .pltHW Chap 2 sect 4 .odt
Section 3.1 parabola .pltScratch grapher.ods
Blank graph maker for tests .ods
Ball arc correcteduncorrected
Ball arc white board image of set upImage of data gathered
Ball arc .ods.xls
Ball arc solution .ods.pdf
HW 3.2 .ods.plt.odt.wxm
Quadratic curve .ods
3.4 .plt
HW 4.1 .odsin class spreadsheet .ods.plt
Ball bounce exponential decay .ods
9.1 intersecting lines.plt

Access to material from prior terms for studying

Note: Away from the A204 math science computer laboratory only PDF and HTML files can be opened on the following pages

Summer 2005 material
Spring 2006 tests and quizzes
Summer 2006 tests and quizzes
Fall 2006 tests and quizzes
Summer 2007
Summer 2008

Gnuplot plot files

prequiz gnuplot command file
test one gnuplot command file
Marble roll
x²−6x+13 quadratic with imaginary roots and its reflection