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Don Buden genetics lab
Dennis Gearhart
Dana Lee Ling
Brian Lynch

Course home pages

Course outlines
MS 100 College Algebra (Gearhart)
MS 101 Algebra and Trigonometry (Gearhart)
MS 150 Statistics (Lee Ling)
SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany (Lee Ling)
SC 130 Physical Science (Lee Ling)
Math course flow chart

MR 120 Marine Science (Lynch)

ESS 101j Joggling

SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany
SC 130 Physical Science Spring 2000 materials
SC 202 Weather and Climate
SC 250 Botany


Textbooks for Courses
Textbook Order Fall 2002 for Spring 2003


Spring 2003Summer 2003Fall 2003
Spring 2004Summer 2004Fall 2004
Spring 2005Summer 2005Fall 2005
Spring 2006Summer 2006Fall 2006
Spring 2007Summer 2007 (proposed)
Fall 2007 .xls (proposed)html.ods


Program Outcomes and Program Health Indicators
DNSM 214 2003 Final 09 October 2003
DNSM 214 2004
Kinesiology 221 2004
fsmfpa.html (unofficial!)
214 Performance Based Budget 31 Dec 2002
221 Performance Based Budget 31 Dec 2002
214 FY 2005 first quarter performance report

Monthly Reports and Meetings

Monthly Report for September 2000
Monthly Report for October 2000
Monthly Report for November 2000
Monthly Report for August 2001
Monthly Report for September 2001
Monthly Report for February 2002
Monthly Report for November 2002
Math Subdivisional meeting 19 May 2003
Monthly Report for September 2004


Office Policies
Computer Distribution Policy
Computer list
Instructor textbook policy
Web page policy

Conference room use regulations
Computer laboratory regulations
Laboratory Schedule

Existing and Proposed Evaluation Documents

Faculty summative evaluation form
Instructor Classroom Observation J Berger
Deprecated Faculty Evaluation Materials
Circa 1970s evaluation material of unknown source and use
Expectations of the Chair Spring 2001
Faculty evaluation form based on CNMI form (deprecated)
Proposed faculty evaluation form (deprecated)
Proposed Peer evaluation form (deprecated)
Student evaluations summary Fall 2001

Hiring materials

Personnel Requistion (Developmental Math)
Personnel: Typical questions for email round of interview process

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) and Related Monologues

Student Learning Outcomes Nexus
SLO Part I: Grade book and grading impact, core and peripheral outcomes
SLO Part II: One-to-many and format matters
SLO Part III: Mid-Tier, Type I indicators, Type II outcomes
Part IV: Program Outcomes for Mathematics
Part V: Layout issues in MS 150 Statistics
Part VI: Course Intentions, outline contents, values outcomes
Part VII: MS 150 in General Objective and Specific Objectives format
Part VIII: ExSS program and course affective domain student learning outcomes assessment
Triple Tier is an enhanced variant of current format: Side by Side Comparison
System Wide Competencies
Division Objectives & Indicators; Program Learning Outcomes
Math Prog Eval Instrument sxchtml
Math Prog Eval Analysis sxcxls
Math Program Outcomes Evaluation 21 March 2003
WOMD: GPA by Division
Grade Point Average study 2002
Math Program Outcomes Evaluation 30 April 2004
Science Prog Eval Instrument
Science Program Outcomes Evaluation 04 May 2004
Institutional level student learning outcomes
Natural Sciences and Mathematics Program Learning Outcomes March 2005
Proposed gen ed pslos March 2005
The four levels at which a student learning outcome can live
Data request for program health indicators in program evaluation appendix T

HCOP program evaluation (appendix T format) • Deprecated: xlssxc
Marine science program evaluation (appendix T format)

Odd ends

Student Course Planner

JG's list of courses that count as humanities as of November 2007

The Onion: A Plan for Downsizing the College of Micronesia-FSM
The Sliced Onion
Growing the Onion

Math Entrance Test Information

Placement Study Fall 2003
Placement assignments Spring 2003
Rationale for change
Math entrance test statistical wanderings Spring 2003 sxc
Entrance equation work Spring 2003
Moving from minimum two to three on the essay: The 37
High school data Spring 2003sxc
Who went where by high school Spring 2003
Chronology of entrance events Spring 2003
Analysis of impact based on second faulty table
Analysis of impact based on correct conversion table
Entrance Test and the Emperor's New Clothes
A Point System Admissions Proposal
Kosrae Recruiting Trip Report February 2004sxw
High School Analysis 2004
Entrance examination 2004 report by JG
Math entrance test spring 2005 statistics
Kosrae Recruiting Trip Report April 2005
Math versus English correlations for 230 fall freshmen 2005
COMET Statistical Summaries Spring 2006pdfodt
Mathematics entrance test performance at midterm at national fall 2006

Nursing Program Proposal Word Documents

Title III Nursing Setup
Nursing Proposal for Nursing Board
Nursing Flow Chart
Stategic Plan and Title III
Preferred future health plan for FSM
Nursing Board notes
N & HA Training
FSM Section 208 PON
American Pacific Nurse Leaders Council Conference Kosrae June 2002 Education subsector report
Nursing Program Information [Deprecated]

3rd FSM Economic Summit

Health sector: Responses to mandates from second summit (~3 pages)
Day one plenary (~4 pages)
Day two plenary (~2 pages)
Day two & three health sector discussions (~26 pages)
Day four plenary (~21 pages)
Day five plenary and closing (~15 pages)

Former faculty

The following links are maintained as historical or archival materials.

Gregg Longanecker

Scratch Work

Catalog 2005 math course scratch work
Course Substitution Form
Performance Improvement Chart

Instructor evaluation by student
Student Self Evaluation
Math course flow chart
Where is Lee Ling?

Memo form

Betelnut violation report.odt


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