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SC 130 Physical Science fall 2007

SC 130 Physical Science spring 2000 half term

Last update: 02 May 2000

Coded gradebook



Significant digits in a golf ball and a baby's PlaySkool letter cube
Golf Ball Linear Velocity laboratory
Golf Ball Acceleration Laboratory
Golf Ball Bounce laboratory
Pendulum laboratory for Physical Science class
Levers and Torque for Physical Science Class
Heat notes (completely raw and unedited, a mess for now 24 Mar 00)
Specific Heat Capacity for Physical Science class
Thermal Coeficient of Linear Expansion Laboratory
Cells, Bulbs, Wires, Conductors, and Circuit Diagrams: Batteries and Bulbs
Photographs from the batteries and bulbs laboratory

Tests and Quizzes

Quickie Quiz 1 Spring 2000
Quickie Quiz 1 Fall 2000
Quickie Quiz 2
Test One
Quickie Quiz 3 (05 May 2000)


Heat and Sound Worksheet
Electrical Homework 4/7/00


Electricity notes

Other materials

Britannica on colour
Diffraction grating in fabric fall 2006

Graphing Skills science Laboratories