Quickie Quiz 1

Mechanics Keys
d = 0.5 g t2
Fg = (G m1 m2 )/r2
g = (4 p L)/t2
P = F/A
r = m/V
v = d/t
W = Fd (dot product)
T = F d (cross product)

A = Area
d = distance
F = Force
Fg = Force of gravitational attraction
g = acceleration of gravity
G = 6.67 x 10-11
L = Length
m = mass
P = Pressure
r = density
p = 3.141592
r = radius
t = time
T = Torque
v = velocity
V = Volume
W = Energy or Work (usually Joules)
Q = m c DT
DL = a Li DT
DT = Tf - Ti

a = coeficient of linear friction
c = specific heat capacity
= change in
DT = change in Temperature
Li = initial length
m = mass
Q = Energy or Work ( usually in calories)
Tf = final Temperature
Ti = initial Temperature
v = f l
f = 1/t
f = frequency
l = wavelength
v = velocity
t = period
Fe = [(9109) q1 q2 ]/r2
i = q/t
P = i V
V = i R
P = i2 R
i = current
P = power
q = charge
R = Resistance
t = time
V = Voltage
  1. Which stores more heat per kilogram, water (cw = 1.0 cal/gC) or copper ( ccu = 0.092 cal /gC)?
  2. 3.0 m of copper pipe is heated from 28C to 78C.  If the coeficient of linear expansion a for copper is 17 10-6/C, what is the change in length DL for the pipe?
  3. Two wave crests are separated by 15 meters.  What is the wavelength l of the wave in meters?
  4. 36,000 Coulombs flows through a wire for one hour.  How many Amperes of electricity flowed through the wire during that one hour?
  5. Draw the shape of the sound wave that the audiometer made on the oscilloscope (the same shape as the shape of the sound of a whistle).
  6. Which of the following circuits will light up?  Circle the correct answer.
    battbulba.gif (1391 bytes)battbulbb.gif (1365 bytes)battbulbc.gif (1400 bytes)
  7. Circle the parallel circuit below.
    battbulbd.gif (1693 bytes)battbulbe.gif (1722 bytes)
  8. A Mr. Coffee Model BLX-218 automatic drip coffee maker consumes 1025 Watts of power at 120 Volts.  How many Amperes of current does the BLX-218 consume?
  9. What is the resistance in ohms of the BLX-218 coffee maker?
  10. An Ace Hardware PT-BF04 Transient Surge Suppressor Power Strip is rated to handle a maximum of 15 Amperes. How many BLX-218 coffee makers can be safely plugged into this power strip?

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