Quickie Quiz 1

  1. The Lehn Mesi river is 14.4 km from the College.  If 1.60344 km = 1 mile, how far away is the Lehn Mesi from the College in miles?

  2. Given that 2.2 pounds = 1 kilogram, if a baby is predicted to weigh 10 pounds at two and half months old and the baby has an actual mass of 5.2 kilograms, is the baby exactly the right weight, heavier than predicted, or lighter than predicted?

  3. A box has dimensions 13.9 cm by 14.2 cm by 34.4 cm.  What is the volume of the box in cubic centimeters?

  4. A cylindrical water filter from Ace has a diameter of 6.4 cm and length of 25.1 cm.   If the formula for the volume of a cylinder is pi * rē * L, what is the volume of the cylinder?

  5. A golf ball rolls 72 meters in 15 seconds.  What is the speed of the golf ball?

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