SC 130 Physical Science Fall 2007

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General course files

Syllabus and calendar.ods

Many of the following files were merged intothe text and then deleted from the server. This page is partially retained in this form only as a matter of record, some off the links are broken, images in quizzes and tests are known to be missing.

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Lab write-up format sample

Lab 04 2007: Momentum and Energy
Images from laboratory four

Laboratory 05: Heat conduction

Images from laboratory five

Laboratory 06

Images from laboratory six

Laboratory 07: Latitude and Longitude

Laboratory seven: Changes in latitude, longitude, and the metric system
Laboratory seven images

Laboratory 08: Clouds

Laboratory eight: Clouds
Laboratory eight photos

Laboratory 09: Sound

Laboratory nine: Sound. Images of lab equipment

Laboratory 10: Reflection and Refraction

Images from laboratory ten

Laboratory 12: Electrical conduction

Images for laboratory twelve

Laboratory 13: Flower colors, acids, and bases

Images for laboratory thirteen

Laboratory 14: Reflection final practical

Images for laboratory fourteen

Laboratory 15: Site Swaps

Images for laboratory fifteen

Quizzes and Tests

q01 volume, speed, paceans
q02 linear motionhtml
t1 linear and quadratic motionhtmlt1a odshtml
q03 momentumhtmlpdf
q04 heat
q05 Latitude longitudehtml
q06 Clouds and precipitationodt
q07 Sound and waves
q08 velocity across the termods
t2 weather, latitude and longitude, waves
q09 magnetism, electricity, El Niño, La Niñaq09
q10 elements
q11 chemistry
Sample final examination

Homework and coursework related materials

Significant digits in the soap box volume laboratorypdf
Ball arc activity.pltblank
Cabinet clean-up
table makerhtml
Photos from El Niño presentation

Many files are in OpenDocument formats [odf] and were created using 2.0. A few are Gnuplot plot files. Other formats such as Excel and portable network graphic files are present as well. Outside of the A204 math science computer laboratory the OpenOffice documents cannot be accessed. There are two computers in the math science division conference room which also have the ability to open documents. The .html web pages, .xls Excel files, and .doc Word files can be opened in the library.

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