SC 130 Physical Science prequiz fall 2007 • Name:

Physical science involves a fair amount of algebra. Many physical laws are expressed mathematically. Experimental analysis often utilizes basic statistical concepts to increase the precision for a measurement. A ball was dropped ten times from 100 cm and the heights of each bounce was measured in centimeters. The bounce heights are given in the table on the right. For the ten bounce heights, determine the following basic statistics. Include units in all of your answers on this prequiz.

  1. __________________ Determine the minimum bounce height.
  2. __________________ Determine the maximum bounce height.
  3. __________________ Calculate the range.
  4. __________________ Determine the mode for the bounce heights.
  5. __________________ Determine the median bounce height.
  6. __________________ Calculate the sample mean x bounce height.
  7. __________________ If you know how to do so using a calculator, calculate the sample standard deviation sx.

Linear regression: Some laboratories will generate straight line data. Use the data in the table on the right to

  1. ___________________ Determine the slope for the best fit line.
  2. ___________________ Find the intercept for the best fit line using the graph.
  3. ___________________________________ Write the best fit line in y = mx + b
    (d = vt + d0) slope-intercept form.
  4. ___________________ Find the value of d for t = 10
  5. ___________________ Find the value of t for d = 17

Units, dimensions, and unit conversions:
13. ______________________ This summer I trained intensively for a month and half to get ready for the half marathon. During the July 21 INS "marasong" half-marathon I ran 20.3 kilometers (km) in 2 hours and 15 minutes. What was my speed in kilometers per hour (kph)?

14. ______________________ Since the run I've slacked off on my training and even been seen in the vicinity of sakau stones. Wednesday night I ran out to the Dausokele bridge over the Nett river and back, covering 7.75 kilometers in 50 minutes. What was my speed in kilometers per hour?

15. ______________________ Was I faster during the July 21 half-marathon or on the Wednesday evening run out to the bridge and back?