SC 130 Quiz 07 • Name:

  1. __________________ Wednesday evening I went out and joggled (juggling while running) fifteen laps of the track covering 6.289 kilometers in 38 minutes and 12 seconds. What was my pace in minutes per kilometer?
  2. __________________ Using the above numbers and presuming my pace was steady, how long did it take me to cover five kilometers (5k is a typical race day distance on Pohnpei)?
  3. __________________ Using the same Wednesday numbers seen above, what was my speed in meters per second?
  4. Sketch an image of a one wavelength eight centimeters long on a chain. Label your image including the wavelength and amplitude.
  5. ____________________ Suppose I make 10 cycles in two seconds with a chain. How many cycles per second is 10 cycles in two seconds? Write your answer including units.
  6. ____________________ Suppose the 10 cycles in two seconds on a chain produces a wavelength λ = 8 centimeters. Use the formula λ × f = velocity v to calculate the velocity of the wave.
  7. ____________________ Students who are 75 meters from a building bang two boards in synch with the bang board echo. 30 claps of the wood boards takes 13.6 seconds. What is the speed of sound in meters per second based on this experiment? Note that
    velocitysound = wavelength &lambda × frequency f
  8. ____________________ What is the frequency at which fluorescent lights and other electrical fixtures tend to "hum"?
  9. ____________________ What is the highest frequency you can hear?
  10. Make a sketch of the sound wave made by whistling as seen on the oscilloscope.