SC 130 Laboratory 10 Reflection and refraction images

Equipment deployed

reflection refraction lab gear

Adventure man as the object in the reflection portion of the laboratory

reflections and refraction lab


Students placed an object in front of the mirror, measured the distance from the object to the mirror and from the mirror to the image location behind the mirror.

reflections and refraction lab
Irene and Aireen making measurements

reflections and refraction lab
Irene moves the police person

reflections and refraction lab
Leilani, Maymorleen, Melody

reflections and refraction lab
Maymorleen, Quleen, Melody, Leilani


For the first part of this section measurements were made with the dish pan empty - no water. A penny was used as the object. This section of the lab required more assistance from the instructor, only a couple images from this section was captured during the period.

Seen obliquely, the penny is in the far corner

Measurements were made along a diagonal away from the coin.

Seen from above, the measurements are made along the diagonal of the dishpan

Measurements of the angle were begun directly over the coin. Angle measurements were repeated every ten centimeters. The measurement wwas of the angle displayed on the protractor.

reflections and refraction lab

As a thought for next term, on might take away the dishpan once the side of the pan eclipses the penny to allow measurements out to two meters. The 50 centimeter height worked well, but the in water data goes well out beyond penny eclipse.

Make measurement every ten centimeters as one moves away from the coin

The students used a bamboo skewer to "aim" at the coin.All measurements were made from a height of 50 cm. Measurements were repeated every 10 cm as the student moved away from the coin.

reflections and refraction lab
Harry and Michelle at work

For the second part of the laboratory, the dish pan was filled with water until almost full. Measurements of the angle to the coin were repeated every ten centimeters. Student noted that the coin never really disappeared, measurements stopped out around two meters due to surface reflections from the water obscuring the coin.

reflections and refraction lab
Claire, Ivyleen, Renee, Vishani