SC 130 Physical Science Test One Name:

1. ____________________ What is your mass in kilograms?

2. ____________________ What is your height in meters?

3. ____________________ Your body mass index (BMI) is defined to be your mass in kilograms divided by the square of your height in meters. BMI = mass in kilograms ÷ (height in meters)² What is your BMI? If you BMI is over 27, then you may be overfat.

4. ____________________ A box of Yardley London Flowering English Lavender soap is 9.6 cm long by 3.9 cm thick by 6.1 cm wide. Calculate the volume of the box, writing the answer using the correct number of significant digits and include the units.

Use the above to answer the following questions:

5. ___________________ What is the physical meaning of the slope in the above calculations – what does it mean?

6. ___________________ Given that distance/m = slope × time/s + intercept, predict the distance the ball would roll after fifteen seconds. [ Fifteen seconds after being thrown.]

7. ____________________ A ball falls 500 cm. Given that gravity = 980 cm/s², how long for the ball to fall? Note that:

8. ____________________ Will the ball obey your predictions above?

9. Why, or why not, will the ball above obey your prediction? Use the back if you need more space.

10.Why was the shape formed by a ball arcing through the air (projectile motion) important to the ancient Grecians and Persians? Use the back if you need more space.

11. What is the name of the shape of the curve formed by a baseball arcing through the air after being hit? Use the back if you need more space.