Images from laboratory five

20 September 2007

The basic set up: hot water in the large cup, room temperature water in the smaller cup.

09201288heatconductionapparatus (38K)

The conductors are hardware store finds: sections of six gage solid copper electrical wire, a zinc wall board fastener.

09201289zinc_copper (28K)

The lead bolt mount leaked badly, both onto the table and, later in the 11:00 section, across through the glue. By 11:00 so much glue was on the rig that the lead was no longer in sigificant contact with the water. And the water then leaked from the hot cup (higher water level) into the lower cup though some "tunnel" in the glue. Lead was simply problematic in both sections.

09201290lead_leak (27K)

Yahne, Vishani, and Renee compile their data.

09201292yahne_vishani_renee (47K)

Here the 11:00 section is sharing their results.

09201294sharing_data (33K)

The 11:00 section wrestled with how to best present their results. Elijah, Tracy, Carmen, and Stuard led a spontaneous class discussion on how to best represent their findings in a chart.

09201296class_discussion (50K)

Maymorleen, Quleen, and Melody listen intently to the ongoing give and take discussion.

09201297may_qu_mel (43K)

The chart concept hammered out by Elijah, Tracy, Carmen, Stuard and others.

09201300chart (48K)

Other student notes on the board.

09201303rightboard (43K)

Laboratory 05 lacks a formal write up. The outline of work was covered orally and on the board at the start of the laboratory.

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