Heat and Sound Worksheet

  1. A 300 gram piece of metal loses 650 calories cooling from 100C to 30C.  What is the specific heat capacity of the metal?

  2. A person is yelling from a woman's dorm window.  If the speed of sound is 348 m/s and the distance from the dorm to the cafeteria is 87 meters, how long does it take the sound to reach the cafeteria?

  3. A piece of equipment called a Phlogiston 9000 has a warning label on it that says, "Caution!  This Phlogiston produces 140 decibels."  What safety precaution should you take before you turn it on?

  4. Which tends to produce a lower frequency: a long tube or a short tube?

  5. A wave has a crest to crest distance of 10 meters.  What is the wavelength?

  6. A water wave with a crest to crest distance of 10 meters has a time between crests of 8 seconds. What is the speed of the wave?

  7. A person shouts at a cliff and hears an echo from the cliff a half a second later.   If the speed of sound is 348 m/s, how far away is the cliff?

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