Date Day Event Pts %
17-Jan-00 Monday
19-Jan-00 Wednesday
21-Jan-00 Friday
24-Jan-00 Monday
26-Jan-00 Wednesday
28-Jan-00 Friday
31-Jan-00 Monday
02-Feb-00 Wednesday
04-Feb-00 Friday
07-Feb-00 Monday
09-Feb-00 Wednesday
11-Feb-00 Friday
14-Feb-00 Monday
16-Feb-00 Wednesday
18-Feb-00 Friday
21-Feb-00 Monday
23-Feb-00 Wednesday
25-Feb-00 Friday
28-Feb-00 Monday
01-Mar-00 Wednesday
03-Mar-00 Friday
06-Mar-00 Monday
07 Mar-00 Tuesday Pendulum laboratory 10
08-Mar-00 Wednesday
10-Mar-00 Friday
13-Mar-00 Monday
14-Mar-00 Tuesday Specific Heat Capacity Laboratory 10
15-Mar-00 Wednesday
17-Mar-00 Friday Heat and Sound Worksheet 7
20-Mar-00 Monday
21-Mar-00 Tuesday Torque Laboratory 10
22-Mar-00 Wednesday
24-Mar-00 Friday
25-Mar-00 Saturday
27-Mar-00 Monday
28-Mar-00 Tuesday No laboratory due to Founding Day
29-Mar-00 Wednesday Static electricity
30-Mar-00 Thursday Founding Day Games
31-Mar-00 Friday Holiday: Culture Day
03-Apr-00 Monday
04-Apr-00 Tuesday Linear Expansion Laboratory 10
05-Apr-00 Wednesday
07-Apr-00 Friday Quickie Quiz 1
Power, voltage, and current
Electrical Homework
10-Apr-00 Monday Electric circuits
11-Apr-00 Tuesday Cells, Bulbs, Wires, Conductors, and Circuit Diagrams: Batteries and Bulbs 10
12-Apr-00 Wednesday
14-Apr-00 Friday Quickie Quiz 2 5
17-Apr-00 Monday
18-Apr-00 Tuesday No lab
19-Apr-00 Wednesday Easter Break
20-Apr-00 Thursday Easter Break
21-Apr-00 Friday Good Friday
24-Apr-00 Monday
26-Apr-00 Wednesday
28-Apr-00 Friday Test
01-May-00 Monday
03-May-00 Wednesday
05-May-00 Friday Quickie Quiz 3 5
08-May-00 Monday
10-May-00 Wednesday FSM Constitution Day
12-May-00 Friday Last Day of Classes
15-May-00 Monday
16-May-00 Tuesday SC 130 M16 Physical Science Final 12:10
SC 130 M11 Physical Science Final 16:20
17-May-00 Wednesday SC 202 M12 Weather and Climate Final Exam 10:05
19-May-00 Friday
22-May-00 Monday
24-May-00 Wednesday
26-May-00 Friday Graduation

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