Quickie Quiz 2

Electricity Keys
Fe = [(9×109) q1 q2 ]/r2
i = q/t
P = i V
V = i R
P = i2 R
i = current
P = Power
q = charge
R = Resistance
t = time
V = Voltage
  1. Which of the following circuits will light up?  Circle the correct answer.
    battbulba.gif (1391 bytes)battbulbb.gif (1365 bytes)battbulbc.gif (1400 bytes)
  2. Circle the parallel circuit below.
    battbulbd.gif (1693 bytes)battbulbe.gif (1722 bytes)
  3. A Mr. Coffee Model BLX-218 automatic drip coffee maker consumes 1025 Watts of power at 120 Volts.  How many Amperes of current does the BLX-218 consume?
  4. What is the resistance in ohms of the BLX-218 coffee maker?
  5. An Ace Hardware PT-BF04 Transient Surge Suppressor Power Strip is rated to handle a maximum of 15 Amperes. How many BLX-218 coffee makers can be safely plugged into this power strip?

André Marie Ampère
Born: 20 Jan 1775 in Lyon, France
Died: 10 June 1836 in Marseilles, Franceampere.jpg (1516 bytes)

"André-Marie Ampère's father, Jean-Jacques Ampère, was a prosperous man who owned a home in Lyon and a country house in Poleymieux, which is only 10 km from Lyon. Up till André-Marie was seven years old the family spent most of the year in Lyon except the summer months which were spent at Poleymieux. However, in 1782, the home at Poleymieux became their main residence since André-Marie's father wished to spend more time on his son's education.

Despite not attending school, André-Marie was to be given an excellent education. He describes this education in autobiographical writings (rather strangely referring to himself in the third person):-

His father, who had never ceased to cultivate Latin and French literature, as well as several branches of science, raised him himself in the country near the city where he was born. He never required him to study anything, but he knew how to inspire in him a desire to know. Before being able to read, the young Ampère's greatest pleasure was to listen to passages from Buffon's natural history.

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