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Only those finals which have been cleared for public release are available here. Files on this page may be in html or Microsoft Word format.


MS 090 Conceptual Mathematics deprecated (1997)
Proposed draft Su05
Fa03 Verg-in/R
Sp05 Perman
Fa05 Saber
MS 095 PreAlgebra Outline (1999)
Proposed draft (2006)
Sp05 Lee Ling
Fa03 Longaneckercalendar
Fa03 ancillaries Verg-in/Y
Sp05 Verg-in/Y
Fa05 Verg-in/Y
Sp03 Lee Ling
Sp05 Lee Ling
MS 096 Elementary Algebra Proposed outline (2006)
MS 098 Transition to Algebra Outline (2000)
Fa03 Verg-in/RSaxon sequence
Fa04 Velasquez
Fa05 Mamangon
Su03 Dimaliwat
Fa04 Loyola
Fa04 Velasquez
MS 099 Intermediate Algebra Proposed outline (2007)
MS 100 College Algebra Outline (2005) Fa03 Gearhart
Sp05 Gearhart
Fa05 Gearhart
Sp01 Dimaliwat
Fa04 Loyola
Su05 Lee Ling fxmx
MS 101 Algebra & Trigonometry Outline (1998) Fa03 Gearhart
Sp05 Gearhart
Fa05 Gearhart
MS 103 Geometry MS 103 Geometry (Proposed 2006)
MS/ED 110 Mathematics for Teachers Outline (2000) Fa03 Verg-in/Y
MS 150 StatisticsOutline (2003) Fa05 Lee Ling
Syllabi/calendars 2000-2005
Finals 2000-2005
MS 152 Calculus Outline (1997) Sp05 Gearhart
MS/ED 210a Math for Teachers I Outline (2005) Fa05 Verg-in/Y
MS/ED 210b Math for Teachers IIOutline (2005) Sp05 Verg-in/Y

Developmental mathematics work 2005

MS 090, MS 095, and MS 098 side-by-side comparison of outcomes/content
Side-by-side synchronized
Email for side-by-side synchronized
Tables of contents for current developmental math texts side-by-side

Natural Sciences

SC 101 Health ScienceOutline (2003) want
SC 111 Environmental ScienceOutline (2003) Fa03 Bourgoin
Fa05 Bourgoin
SC 112 Intro to Human Nutrition Outline (1995) want
SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany Outline (2001)
Proposed 2006
Sp02 Lee Ling
Fa02 Lee Ling
Sp03 Lee Ling
Fa05 Lee Ling
Sp04 Lee Ling
Fa04 Lee Ling
Sp05 Lee Ling
Fa05 Lee Ling
Fa03 midterm
SC 117 Tropical Pacific Island Environments w/lab 2001 Fa03 Chaine
SC 120 BiologyOutline (2001) Fa05 Buden desire
SC 122a Anatomy and Physiology Outline (1989) want
SC 122b Anatomy and Physiology Outline (2004) want
SC 130 Physical ScienceOutline (2001) Fa03 Abellera desire
SC 180 Microbiology Outline (1999) want
SC 210 Conservation Science Outline (2005) Sp05 Bourgoin
SC 230 ChemistryOutline (2003) Fa05 Dema/A
SC 255 Zoology Outline want

HCOP program report

Marine Science

MR 120 Marine Biology Outline (1999) Fa03 Bourgoin
Fa05 Bourgoin
MR 201 Aquaculture Outline (1999)
MR 210 Marine Ecology Outline (1999)
MR 240 Oceanography Course modification (1999) Sp05 Bourgoin desire
MR 250 Fisheries Biology and Management NEED (1999) Sp05 Bourgoin
MR 254 Marine Biology Field Studies Outline (1989) alt
MR 255 Ichthyology NEED (1999)

Marine science program report

Kinesiology Exercise Sport Science [Section is deprecated]

PE 101j Joggling
PE 101s Surfriding
PE 101w Wrestling

Other deprecated material

Proposed MS 104 Technical Mathematics I
Proposed MS 106 Technical Mathematics II

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