SC/SS 115 Ethnobotany Calendar Fall 2002

Day Date Fixed Area Topic Text Chapter
Tuesday 20 Aug     Balick    
Thursday 22 Aug     Balick    
Tuesday 27 Aug     Introduction Balick One
Thursday 29 Aug   Botany Cyano Algae Fungi Bryo field day Van De Graaff 1 - 6
Tuesday 03 Sep   Botany Preparation    
Thursday 05 Sep   Botany Presentations    
Tuesday 10 Sep Test One        
Thursday 12 Sep     Test One returned, shortened period Balick Two
Tuesday 17 Sep   Ethno Plant collecting process kept here due to nice weather    
Thursday 19 Sep   Ethno Plants that heal lecture    
Tuesday 24 Sep   Ethno Healing plants presentationsI
SVP field day was cancelled. Should be revisited during tentative 22 Oct botanic garden trip. Also was covered in first walk. Probably should drop algae altogether and do nostoc + SVPs in round one.
Van De Graaff 7
Thursday 26 Sep   Ethno Healing plants presentations II Pushed out of schedule: SVP Preparation    
Tuesday 01 Oct   Ethno Kava lecture I    
Thursday 03 Oct Midterm        
Tuesday 08 Oct   Ethno Midterm returned. Kava lecture II. Morinda citrifolia healing uses
From Hunting and Gathering… lecture
Balick Three
Thursday 10 Oct   Botany Deep Green: SVP, Gymnosperm deep green, Gymnosperm morphology Food plants presentations    
Tuesday 15 Oct   Botany Gymnosperm field trip to Botanic Garden Van De Graaff 8
Thursday 17 Oct   Ethno Gymno Preparation    
Tuesday 22 Oct   Ethno Gymno Presentations Food plants presentations    
Thursday 24 Oct Holiday        
Tuesday 29 Oct   Ethno Food plants lecture Balick Four
Thursday 31 Oct   Ethno Food plants presentations I
Tuesday 05 Nov     Food plants presentations II    
Thursday 07 Nov Test Two   Angiosperm: Veg Morph leaf quest Van De Graaff 9
Tuesday 12 Nov   Botany Angiosperm: Veg Morph leaf quest modified and reduced
Angiosperm I preparations
Thursday 14 Nov   Botany Review of test. Material Culture lecture    
Tuesday 19 Nov   Ethno Material plants presentations

Balick Five
Thursday 21 Nov   Ethno Entering other worlds lecture    
Tuesday 26 Nov   Ethno Entering other worlds presentation    
Thursday 28 Nov   Botany Entering other worlds: sakau ceremony?
Van De Graaff 9
Tuesday 03 Dec   Botany Angiosperm I preparations    
Thursday 05 Dec   Botany

Entering other worlds presentation
Angiosperm I presentations

Tuesday 10 Dec Final 2:15        

Required Textbooks (two):

Field days and trips: Rain or shine on and off trail. 
Office Hours: 1:00 to 3:00 in F105 MWF.
Absences: Five absences will result in a withdrawal from the course.No betelnut chewing in class.
Do not spit over the balcony.
No food, drink, or gum in the science laboratory on days when we use such facilities.
Grading:Points are given for tests, midterm, final, and presentations.
Ethno presentations include an oral presentation, specimen, and a written report. 
There are four of these(healing, food, material culture, and psychoactive). 
The written report must be submitted electonically,either via email or on floppy disk.