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Program Outcomes
Outlines Sample Syllabi Instructors GPA CI Division Math prog eval (sxw)
MS 095
MS 096
MS 099
  Danny Mamangon
Debra Perman
John Saber
Evelyn Tadena
Rhoda Velazquez
Ray Verg-in
Yen-ti Verg-in
GPA CI Math courses
Completion rates
(old work)
Science prog eval instrument
MS 100
Lee ling
Dennis Gearhart
Dana Lee Ling
MS 101 Gearhart Dennis Gearhart
MS 150 MS 150 Dana Lee Ling
SC/SS 115 SC/SS 115 Dana Lee Ling
SC 120 SC 120 Don Buden
SC 130 SC 130 Relinda Abellera
SC 230   Anca Dema
Ahser Edward
Textbooks used

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